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  1. Sprechen Sie espaƱol?

    Posted 22 Mar 2017

    Sprechen Sie español?
    [The title might have some issues because the N with the tilde over it might not be supported the way I typed it.]
    Ok- I know it doesn't work that way.
    I can't just mash German and Spanish together and get anything but gibberish.
    But it can difficult coming up with titles for posts   :)
    Some of us were chatting the other day about various languages we studied in school but then never made much progress with.
    I challenge you to dust off those rusty brain cells and put that latent knowledge to use!
    While the Star Citizen game currently only comes in English-flavor, over on Spectrum there are active chat lobbies in German, French, Russian, Spanish, Chinese(I'm guessing Mandarin) and Polish.
    Given that Amazon has a server in Brazil (although it's no currently being utilized for SC stuff) I'm surprised there isn't a Portuguese channel. Perhaps we will see one in the near future.
    The Verse might be vast but the world is actually small.
    Maybe I'll see some of you in the lobbies below:
    #de Deutscher Chat
    #fr Un canal en français!
    #ru Русс кояз ычны й кана л
    #es Vestibulo español
    #zh Chinese lobby
    #pl Polskie Lobby
  2. Yva Solo Vanduul Swarm

    Posted 19 Mar 2017

    The only thing that made me happier than reading about Twisted's VS victory was doing that myself.
    It has truly been an amazing weekend for SoW members!
    I went from this a couple of weeks ago:
    My link
    to this on Saturday:
    My link
    all thanks to the practice regimen developed by our talented Discord Operations crew.
    Now on to 0 deaths and conquering Pirate Swarm!
  3. Mining RE-re-re-confirmed for 3.0

    Posted 14 Mar 2017

    Not that they haven't been saying it multiple times since last year but Chris Roberts and Tony Zurovec have re-confirmed during a recent 10 for the Chairman that some version of ship-based mining will be available in the 3.0 update.
    The whole update is great and covers a variety of topics but forward to the 40:06 mark for the mining.
    I'm super excited about that as my Plan is to spend a majority of my in-game time mining with the Prospector.
    It sounds like the mining at 3.0 won't be 100% what they have envisioned for it but at least it will be a start. I'm sure as time permits they will expand it as appropriate.
  4. Why is SC Windows-only?

    Posted 14 Mar 2017

    I am referring to a forum post at RSI by Profit_Hsssssss responded to by ABrown.CIG on March 13, 2017.
    The question was posed as to whether or not SC may someday run on an operating system other than Windows.
    The response is that the servers run Linux but that the client currently runs on Windows. It doesn't sound as if it is any sort of priority.

    I was actually wondering this myself. I was thinking that the servers were probably already Linux (good guess Yva!) and was wondering why it isn't currently available in any flavor other than Windows. Because I occasionally dive head-first into super-nerdom, I have a Mac and a Linux computer in my arsenal. If i were making a game, cross-platform compatibility would be on my list of considerations. But, that it just my opinion. I assume most things are Windows-only not because Windows does it better but because whomever creates it happens to be using Windows.

    I've read a few blog posts about Vulkan API vs. Microsoft's DirectX and but to me really it sounds like the developer's skill is the limiting factor. I see good points and room for improvement with both methods.
  5. Return of the Liquor Cabinet

    Posted 6 Mar 2017

    I am excited to report that the Liquor Cabinet hangar decor is once again functioning.
    I thought the first time I installed it in my hanger it was usable but then suddenly it became just a collidable object with no interaction.
    I am happy to note it is drinkable once again. My toons aren't that big into partying but I am excited to have usable objects.
    For me it is the little finishing touches that make this game so much better than anything else I've played in the last 5 or 6 years.
    Also, not shown in photo, my plant collection is back. It had mysteriously vanished earlier in the year but now has reappeared in its entirety.
    photo that isn't loading

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