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  1. In Topic: DESKTOP: Think Once, Think Twice, Think Forever

    Posted 9 Mar 2017

    Can we get this as an actual plaque to hang on my office wall? That'd be awesome.
  2. In Topic: Star Citizen: The Numbers

    Posted 23 Feb 2017

  3. In Topic: hi

    Posted 23 Feb 2017

    Welcome to SancT. Enjoy your stay, but please keep your feet off my coffee table. My Wookiee is getting grumpy about having to polish it every day. :D I've been here since 2005'ish. I've seen a lot, done a lot, and I still call these merry few my friends!

    Now where did I put that book that was inspired by the 72-hour war on Dantooine...
  4. In Topic: PTU 2.6.1. Patch Notes

    Posted 11 Feb 2017

    Along those same lines, something I saw in my email that I get from RSI--a mention that if you purchase something for one game "Shroud of the Avatar", you get a ship for Star Citizen as well.

    Here's the link to the website: https://www.shroudof... m/?page_id=9085
    Here's the link to the email: http://us5.campaign-... a0&e=43ea602849
  5. In Topic: Extreme budget machine

    Posted 8 Feb 2017

    Well, I went ahead and bought some parts for an upgrade. I'll keep the current case, hard drive, PSU, and video card I have (GeForce 750 GTX Ti).

    I'm adding Intel Core i5-6500, 16GB G.Skill Ripjaw V DDR4-3000 RAM, and an Asrock Z170-Pro4S Mobo. All in all, a $425 upgrade. Here's the PC Part Picker list: https://pcpartpicker... ya/saved/8fjBmG (Price is higher than listed because apparently newegg changed the price on the memory from 99.89 to 104.99 today and the list hasn't updated yet.) Plus I added a tube of Arctic Silver compound for the cpu cooler. Gonna recycle my Hyper EVO 212 from the current machine. It should be fine for the stock/non-overclocked cpu. I'll post pics when I do the upgrade.

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