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Icon   Astrus is missing a dear dear lost loved one.

About Me

Im the founder, former Guild Master and now Elder Guild Master of SancTuarY of Wanderhome.

I created this guild with the intent to help as many people as I could while having as much fun as possible.

Now I enjoy helping the fantastic leadership of SoW who share the same ideals for this guild as I did upon its inception.
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"People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf." - George Orwell
"We are constantly searching, not just for answers to our questions, but for new questions. We are explorers. We explore our lives day by day, and we explore the galaxy, trying to expand the boundaries of our knowledge." - Benjamin Sisko
"I can guarantee you that this guild pushes education and to better yourself outside of game better than any guild on any game..." - Adaren, on SancTuarY of Wanderhome

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Elder Guild Master
39 years old
July 19, 1977
Seattle, Washington

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  1. Photo

    yonv Icon

    28 Jan 2012 - 14:13
    sup,, how goes things, not seen any one on the forums in some time
  2. Photo

    Valforge Icon

    05 Sep 2011 - 07:06
    Time to dust off the shadow priest and come pwn some Bgs with your old buddy Val dont ya think?
  3. Photo

    venom012 Icon

    31 May 2011 - 17:29
    Are you still playing Rift?
  4. Photo

    WashuOhki Icon

    23 May 2011 - 20:01
    Guess who lives in Seattle now :D I live up in South Lake Union and work at Amazon.
  5. Photo

    Thabi Icon

    04 Feb 2011 - 20:27
    Hey what's sup Astrus? I am going to be joining you guys in Rift. Are you personally going to play this game as well? If so will you please let me know on what server? If possible I'd also like to know the vent info, I have lost it.
    Thx, Chris
  6. Photo

    WashuOhki Icon

    14 Nov 2010 - 15:12
    Hey! Guess who is wandering around Seattle again. Are you around?
  7. Photo

    Verikon Icon

    15 Jun 2010 - 15:17
    Cool Aircraft. Who is the guy in the photo? :giggle:
  8. Photo

    Astrus Icon

    23 Apr 2010 - 12:55
    ya me too this on your page also?
  9. Photo

    Shawkorrr Icon

    23 Apr 2010 - 12:42
    I like this!!!!
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