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Sanctuary SUMMIT 2017: Seattle, WA

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Sanctuary of Wanderhome Executive SUMMIT 2017

7/18/2017 - 7/21/2017

We will be having our first annual Executive (Leadership) Summit on the above dates.

This summit will be for our leadership to meet face to face and build team work and camaraderie amongst each other. 

Your Executives will be spending almost 14 hours together each day, having fun, and visiting venues that will enhance their ability to overcome organizational challenges, embrace and create change, as well as drive organization performance.

Because when the leadership works well together they are more than likely to serve your community exceptionally.

Most importantly we will be scouting areas in the Greater Seattle Area for a future S.O.W SUMMIT where all members will be invited and encouraged to come and have fun with your fellow Wanderhomies.

We will be posting pics and videos of the event so stay tuned!

Note: During this SUMMIT we will not be having Star Citizen training or any events during this time.

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