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Yva Xorna

RA notes from ATV 3/3/2017

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If you haven't yet seen the

this week's was exceptionally good but runs just under an hour.

Star Citizen: Around the Verse - Hurricane & Character Customization


Even though the focus was on the new ship and character customization, there was also some exciting RA info. I'm super happy about how the Solar System Services are going to work. The video talks about this a bit at the beginning.

Vocabulary: Solar System Services

Missions, Shopping and Procedural Planning Commodities

1. Shopping service: Controls inventory, prices and demand levels for shops within a system. Connects to Mission Services so low inventory levels create missions "to reverse the trend". Tony from the Austin studio mentioned Shopping Services which is supposed to control inventory, price, and demand levels.

-I am curious to see how/if selling on-board a ship (because one has to assume this is what "merchant ship" means) will connect up to the shops system.


Then Tony mentions that the emission services will increase missions for particular resources if the inventory shows as low.

-My question here is it just going to be based on shop inventory or also a player or guild's private inventory? Everybody could have stocked up on Resource A and depleted the shops and have no further need for this. I'm sure they have thought of that but it was a problem in some other games I played; needing resource X only to find it literally hasn't spawned in 2 years!! The one drawback I could see is if there is technically an abundance of Resource X but for some reason the prices are high it might be difficult for a player to get another mission to spawn to go get it on one's own as opposed to having to buy it.

Then forward to 6:19 mins and they mention that they have made progress on surface outposts' hydroponics, mining and storage. They do not really get into details but I'll take any sort of progress in this area and be happy.


8:32 The 3 Procedural Moons around Crusader will have distinct geological element and will be explorable by players. Which maybe nobody else is excited about this and it might not have any impact on RA (that remains to be seen) however I am super excited about exploring. I almost love exploring more than mining.


At any rate, I'm still super stoked to be a player and backer of Star Citizen. This is going to not just be an amazing game but also should re-define some gaming standards and improve the field of AI.

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