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S.o.W. RSI Avatar Border

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^^^Here is our official avatar border, with transparency, for the RSI website or wherever youd like to use it.


Let everyone know you're in one of the best Orgs in the verse, by using free image editing programs like GIMP 2.8 (Download here) to add to your avatar.


If you dont know how to use gimp's layer system

Here is an example of how it looks on the RSI site:




Feel Free to use the below Avatars if you dont have anything to put into the border:

NOTE: The below Animated Avatars will not work on Spectrum/RSI website. 
Feel free to use them wherever animated Avatars are supported.


vdLribe.png     Statecraft-Animated-Avatar.gif     Discord-Animated-Avatar.gif     RA-Animated-Avatar.gif

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