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  1. Took me a LOT longer than I wanted. Got all the way to wave 17 at 0 death then jinxed myself. I'll get better though, thanks for all the help in the MWF practice!!!
  2. Yes, Thanks. A lot of the things related to 3.0 seem will be ready by the fall. So we might just be a couple months off!! and @Shawkorrr They are working on your JUMP!!!
  3. Congratz!!!
  4. If we are able to have other ships equipped with mining lasers this would definitely occupy weapon slots. However this might get interesting when you try to optimize weapon and mining laser setup for each ship. I don't think they will make other ships more efficient than the ones already dedicated to mining. We will see how this will work though, we could see what kind of "all purpose" ship configurations people come up with. Good Thoughts!
  5. I think this is a great start for someone new to the game. I think maybe in the future this can be expanded into roll based ships for new to moderate players. This can be used as stepping stones to lead them into the roles they are most interested in. Great Job Though!!!
  6. That's Good to hear Zhiv!! I'll pray for you and the doctors. For everything to go smoothly, and for a quick recovery. Best Wishes!!
  7. Lol best i could find -.- I wanna see the weirdest thing with 8 legs
  8. this is badass im totally going to try and make one of these 0.o
  9. I just saw it. i thought it was horrible, lets just say the damn thing is really horny 0.o
  10. yea dude the whole thing was hilarious! good find.
  11. LOL what are yea gonna do buy another air force one and call it air force also 1? ROFL
  12. yea pretty funny, i still think that the dino eating the cheer leader was funny
  13. i had to work 3 double shifts. -.-
  14. lol hilarious