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  1. I think that their work on the cargo, and that interface for buying and selling looked very neat. Also the landing system looks to be given a upgrade, I dont think as it is now its too difficult more of a factor that they dont fly away Its really neat how far they are taking crash sites. Going deep into detail. Looking good, but cant wait for 3.0!! Plus nice little hint there at the end. I guess we will have to go look
  2. Haha sorry missed the post Here is a Couple: Me at Vatican City: On a Gondola In Venice: Stonehenge: The Palazzo Vecchio In Florence:
  3. So there was an art fair in my town last week that is actually supposed to be fairly popular. I usually dont buy things, but there was this one guy that combined street art with some other things, and create a sort of collage. Needless to say I had to buy it. What do you guys think?
  4. Wow. It took this long? I would have assumed he would have been on there by now.
  5. Thanks! Had a great time, but really glad to be back. Time to get back to business and get things done!!
  6. That is interesting. In the game as it is now is there gravity at all? Or are our thrusters on constantly even at small amounts to keep the ships completely stationary. From a Physics background that might become taxing computationally. Since every object that has a mass "technically" has a gravitational pull. Maybe this is limited to large objects? I do not know how this works in the game now. Can anyone shed some light?
  7. Thanks!! I'll definitely post some pictures when I get back. And of course ill be winning on Facebook
  8. Same!! I'll stalk mumble eagerly awaiting your arrival
  9. I have said it in mumble, but I want to let everyone know I will be gone from June 14th till the 28th. Going on a trip to Italy.
  10. From the sound of it we still have a while to wait for Patch 3.0. I hope they sort through all the Item 2.0 stuff quickly so we can go and test all the new functionality out!!
  11. They need to start having some more teaser trailers with a bit more substance. It seems like the few they have released now have fallen a bit short. Atleast in my opinion.
  12. Yes it seems like it'll be huge. Just to think that each one of those systems on the map might contain several planets, asteroids, etc. also.
  13. I dont know. If they do they cant really make them the best in any category. I feel that people would buy them, and then complain that the ship they just bought isnt great.
  14. It must have something to do with the lighting from the two sources. Maybe they think this would be too demanding on people's systems?
  15. Took me a LOT longer than I wanted. Got all the way to wave 17 at 0 death then jinxed myself. I'll get better though, thanks for all the help in the MWF practice!!!