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  1. So as stated in this article: Star Citizen has hit $150 in crowdfunding. Good to see that people are still buying ships!
  2. The training is paying off!
  3. Nvidia just announced the new series of graphics cards the Volta! Going to be a huge improvement!
  4. Chris Roberts and Rich Hilleman, a director at Amazon game studios, are working together to make Star Citizen Perfect! Definitely exciting news! You can read the article here:
  5. As a former, very avid rock climber, I can attest that these work very well in strengthening your forearms! I myself have a set of the highest tension black ones but that helps for my job as a welder, for video games the red and blue tension will do just fine. But if it gets easy feel free to move up in tension, it will only help, though you may start breaking joysticks :)
  6. Here is an updated and comprehensive schedule with a list of all their goals before their release of 3.0 Enjoy!
  7. The Merchantman recently went up in price from $250 to $350 and with such has also been said to be larger than originally planned. As you can see in this picture it is almost capital ship size! (see the people at the bottom) I sure am glad I bought it when it was $250 as so far it's the best price to mass ship price!
  8. According to an interview with John Erskine he says that Star Citizen will have something for everything, and it goes to mention how the game is all crowd funded aka. gamers make this game. Basically that this game is on big sandbox and you each player will make it his or her own. I sure am excited about the prospect of be able to do anything I can imagine in a game I helped pay for!
  9. So as you know negative press is often a gross exaggeration and getting them removed if often tricky under "free speech" so whenever a company is able to do so is quite a great accomplishment. Here in this article you can see how Star Citizen got some negative press scrubbed from the internet. This is a good thing because the less negative press there is, the better it is the game will succeed! Article here:
  10. We have decided that members shall have -=SoW=- in front of their name in the community moniker for when we are in Spectrum. In order to change it all you have to do is when you log in go to "your account" and under "community moniker" you just change it and put "-=SoW =-" in front of whatever name you want displayed. The change is free and all you have to do afterwards is type in your password to confirm it. A few things to note: The change is free and can be done as many times as possible Be sure to use the dash "-" at the beginning and the end Put a space between the "=" and the letters Below is a picture of where the community moniker is located and how it should look: Thank you and any questions feel free to ask me or any of your guild leaders for assistance.
  11. So after a while the 1080ti is finally here and with the announced specs it blows the 1080 and titanX out of the water, and with the notion of v-ram being shared getting 2 in SLI would be 22 gigs vram! Here is the link:
  12. Looks as if Star Citizen is getting some corporate sponsorship, as Corsair recently tweeted a screenshot from the popular game, insinuating a product of their own of course, none the less it is very promising to see even more advertisement for our favorite game!
  13. I currently use an 8ft fold-able table and it is working pretty well.
  14. Yea twas a workday so me and the girlfriend didn't do anything but we bought each other gifts.
  15. Yea it is!