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  1. Back in ye old western times there was a revolver designed for judges. It was specially modified to fire shotgun rounds so no matter how bad their aim was they wouldn't miss. We're about to get more shotgun (scatter gun) weapons in 3.0 Star Citizen. If you can get in close you can take the shot :) Check out one of Preacher Armaments' weapons. I look forward to testing out all these new pew delivering devices when they come out!
  2. That's not my shotgun. If a human can carry it then its not big enough for what I plan to destroy ;)
  3. The gold metal hull not only makes it look nice. It also makes it easier to track by scanners, metal under laser fire, more conductive to EMPs, and will rip off if you bump anything even slightly! Buy yours today!
  4. An updated ships scale sheet has been floating around, some of the small ships don't look very accuracy but its a good way to get scale on the larger picture.
  5. With any video game we play we mainly use our wrist/hand/figure muscles to play the game, buuuut... all that the raw power comes from the connected muscles in our forearm. As a result we can keep our forearms strong and our moments more steady/controlled on our mouse/joystick with a simple plastic & spring combo. Amazon has a pretty cheap and durable set of grips with a few levels of strength. When ever I walk around the house or am on a call i'm always making my muscles more durable with one of these. Keep thinking forward, don't let future you kick current you in the butt for not thinking about your physical health!
  6. 49k

    Nice, now get back in the mines and farm up some ore!
  7. Banu Defender is priced $185 default and $170 warbonds Banu Defender has 4 Singed Tachyon Cannon on Gimbal mounts (Unclear Atm how strong they will be, should be long range weapons) Banu's Odd shape gives it a gap that will avoid some fire like the Vanduul ships (We dont know damage states yet for where we should be targeting) Banu Defender is 2 Meters longer then a Sabre, Weighs the same, and has a step down in size for Thrusters. Expect it to be on pair in speed with a hornet.
  8. And more to come I suspect.
  9. Super Hornet is a very solid ship to try the game with. Drag your buddies in now while you have the chance :D
  10. The Plasma Shotgun is getting a new touch up and the Railgun was shown off in this latest around the verse. I cant wait to use that shoulder mounted high powered kinetic energy transferring rail based cannon!
  11. Never Give Up, Never Surrender
  12. Never Give Up, Never Surrender
  13. IT WAS LIKE!
  14. all people knew
  15. It stands to reason that a Mining laser would have a higher power consumption so we want ships with good coolers and Power Plants. As well as having a method to transport the minerals as Yva mentioned, so I'd stick a mining laser on the freelancer or Starfarer if we can 'auto crate' the ore.
  16. The ultra-Wide Screen Monitors provide you with a tactical advantage of being able to see MORE! You can see the ships off to the sides of your windows.
  17. Always happy to see the Cutlass getting progress. Highfive!
  18. Keep in mind non of these ships have LTI, but while this sale is active you can upgrade your Cheap LTI tokens to these ships!
  19. CONGRATS! Soon the universe will fear you.
  20. Right now on Robert Space Industries you have the ability to back the game by purchasing a �Starter Pack� beginning at $45 with a basic ship. RSI has in place system to upgrade your ship purchase on their website while only paying the difference between the two ships. Even the basic Mustang can be used to farm REC (Rental Electronic Currency) in-game to rent new ships and weapons. Soon Squadron 42 will be released as a stand-alone single player experience, which is contained in some $60+ bundles or can be purchased on its own for $45. Listed below are a few good ships to take a look at. When looking at ships consider both their offensive potential and their ability to perform jobs to earn money in universe. Beds will allow players to safely log out without leaving their ship & body hanging out in the verse while they�re offline. On occasion RSI will feature special sales on ships that are not normally available as well as limited time offers for ships with lifetime insurance in-game. Buying a cheap LTI ship and upgrading it to something that might explode often can help limit your repair bills in the �Verse. At this time players always have the option to �melt� their purchase for store credit to make more informed purchases later on. Keep an eye out for those specialized ships to come back like the Hurricane, Terrapin, and prospector. The Hornet Series: Small Versatile Fighter Currently $110-$180 The Hornet series comes in a few different variants. The basic F7C Hornet default brings a turret and 3 size3 hardpoints for strong firepower. The Ghost which starts with unique armor that will be used for stealth in the �Verse. The Tracker replaces the turret for a Long Look Radar which will employ the use of scans, sensors and a command features. Both ships sacrifice a turret in comparison to The Super Hornet which features the strongest weapon options and a second seat that can be used to secure prisoners or be manned in the future by an npc and players. Overall the Hornet Series are ships that built as the boxers of dog fighters, standing their ground to trade blows with other fighters and in the verse will have important utility options. Vanguard Series: Medium Fighter Currently Unavailable ($225-$280) The Vanguard series is a medium sized fighter that comes in the variants Harbinger, Warden, Sentinel, and Hoplite. Harbinger is built to deal the most damage with a torpedo bay as its main feature. Warden is designed as the vanguard to take the most hits and the only variant to have escape pods. Sentinels will bring e-warefare tools to the fight with large server space and unique equipment for e-warefare. While Hoplite is as created to be a dropship of Sabre: Small Stealth Fighter Currently Unavailable ($170) The Sabre was designed as a space superiority fighter for those situations where you need to leave a lighter footprint. Designed to be a rapid responder, the sabre holds a large missile payload while being designed as a dedicated stealth ship. The internal components and hull of the Sabre will shield it from being detected by scans. The Sabre in alpha has been seen as the superior dueling ship but lacks the versatility in the �Verse of ships like the Hornet, Avenger, or Vanguard to perform non combat jobs. Gladiator: Small Versatile Bomber Currently Unavailable ($165) The smallest space-to-ground bombers available at the moment is the wonderful Anvil Gladiator. This tough little ship comes defaultly equipped with two pilot seats, a turret on a swivel, four Size3 missile hardpoints that you might see on everyday fighters, and four freaking size5 torpedoes designed to take down bigger ships. The Gladiator is a slow ship with slow maneuvering and will likely be seen paired with Hornets and Vanguard in a squad. The shining feature of the Gladiator is the advertised ability to change out the turret for cargo space, a tractor beam for assisting salvage efforts, stealth, or C&C module. Gladius: Small Interceptor Currently $90 The slender nimble Gladius offers pilots a high mobility ship with a small weapon loadout. This military ship can�t take too many hits but carries a hefty amount of missiles and in the a skilled pilot�s hands will never be hit. The Gladius will best be seen when in a wing with other ships to be the one to chase down, finish off, or distract an important target. 300 Series Currently $55-$70 The 300 Origin Jumpworks series was originally brought out as the luxury car of space. Its first variants were designed for exploration with the 315p starting with a jump drive. Later down the line the 350R racer was introduced but made a formidable fighter as its speed and agility made it difficult to target with a moderate weapon loadout. Overall the 300 series pilots non combat job offers while sporting a bed for long distance operations out in the verse. Avenger: Small Versatile Starter Ship Currently $50-$60 Among the smaller and less expensive ships is the Avenger series. This series comes with the utility of outfitting it�s compartment for the Stalker�s bounty bunting passenger transport, the Warlock�s EMP generator, and the Titan�s cargo container. This is not the fastest or more durable dogfighter, but skilled pilots will have little trouble making money in the �Verse with its utility and strong nose gun. Avengers also feature a bed to rest in for the �Verse. Non Combat Ships: Because Star Citizen is so expansive many pilots will find themselves acquiring resources, exploring the verse, and performing the multitude of jobs out there. Here are a few ships to take a look at for non combat rolls and multi-crew ships Freelancer Series: Exploration. Cargo. Transport. The medium size freelancers are two person crew ships that has a manned turret and the option of giving up cargo space for more missiles to defend your precious cargo. Freelancers are the pickup trucks of space that are ready for the long haul. Hull-Series: Cargo in all sizes. Without the limitation of roads or bridges haulers in space can get big. The hull series is the most extreme example from the Hull-A as a single person hauler that weighs 14,300kg without cargo to the five man crewed Hull-E weighing over 3,241,052 kg BEFORE cargo. Cutlass Red: Search and Rescue. The first response for those floating in the depths of space. The cutlass has a variant dedicated to searching for stranded or wounded pilots with an advanced radar and comes equipped with a fully operational medical bay. Constellation Series: Exploration. Cargo. Transport. Multi-function. The Constellation holds its own with a lot of firepower for its size but requires more crew to operate. Constellations can be equipped with a large amount of small missiles to pair with its two manned turrets and four gimbaled main weapons. Often tho you'll find the constellation as your money maker for those bigger and longer distance operations. Just be careful you are not spending more money running, restocking, and repairing then you receive from your time in the field.
  21. The buccaneer is very fragile and isn't as suited for getting missions done as the Hornet. It has the optional cargo hauler but for new players its a good training ship but not so much a ship I think you'll be in a lot when the game goes live
  22. Here we find the Aegis Penguin in its natural habitat. Hiding among it's fellow penguins to avoid being singled out and focused on due to its low hull strength.
  23. The freelancer is mentioned in the non-combat ship section for efficient job roles, I'll add constellation to the list tho :)
  24. Favored by wealthy professionals and bodyguards, the GMNI R97 Ballistic Shotgun is optimal for close-range combat check out the new shot