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  1. 49k

    Nice, now get back in the mines and farm up some ore!
  2. Banu Defender is priced $185 default and $170 warbonds Banu Defender has 4 Singed Tachyon Cannon on Gimbal mounts (Unclear Atm how strong they will be, should be long range weapons) Banu's Odd shape gives it a gap that will avoid some fire like the Vanduul ships (We dont know damage states yet for where we should be targeting) Banu Defender is 2 Meters longer then a Sabre, Weighs the same, and has a step down in size for Thrusters. Expect it to be on pair in speed with a hornet.
  3. And more to come I suspect.
  4. Super Hornet is a very solid ship to try the game with. Drag your buddies in now while you have the chance :D
  5. The Plasma Shotgun is getting a new touch up and the Railgun was shown off in this latest around the verse. I cant wait to use that shoulder mounted high powered kinetic energy transferring rail based cannon!
  6. Never Give Up, Never Surrender
  7. Never Give Up, Never Surrender
  9. all people knew
  10. It stands to reason that a Mining laser would have a higher power consumption so we want ships with good coolers and Power Plants. As well as having a method to transport the minerals as Yva mentioned, so I'd stick a mining laser on the freelancer or Starfarer if we can 'auto crate' the ore.
  11. The ultra-Wide Screen Monitors provide you with a tactical advantage of being able to see MORE! You can see the ships off to the sides of your windows.
  12. Always happy to see the Cutlass getting progress. Highfive!
  13. Keep in mind non of these ships have LTI, but while this sale is active you can upgrade your Cheap LTI tokens to these ships!
  14. CONGRATS! Soon the universe will fear you.