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  1. I do have a few extra beta keys ,, send me a note if you would like one, fist come first serve
  2. yes, I know, I said I would never play a Sony game again, but its planet side linky
  3. juyo , name is Yonv same as always
  4. well i had to take a break from skyrim, i started to look up ever time i walked outside my house, checking for dragons
  5. and who is in the swtor beta
  6. its now a new free to play shooter, lots of spawn, fun to play till swtor hellgate
  7. really,, really kind of sure that a Shaw or Astrus thing ,, or at least someone that can spell wanderhome
  8. ok this may be the one exemption linky
  9. guilty,, and even scheduled a tentative vacation for the early access , now if I only knew a release date. i bet work is wondering why i have marked Nov 1 to Jan 1 as tentative vacation.
  10. if you had not already found out, the link is how to set the default user profile location in the reg. linky just do those settings then make a new user and your default profile will be on the none ssd drive to save space.
  11. you should add in a solid start drive, all you need is for it to be large enough for the boot and the page file, there are a few windows hacks to put your programs and documented on the standard drive. with an ssd you will see a performance boost at boot and with any program that pages allot. (ps.. maybe make sure you have room on the ssd for your favorite games)
  12. Galaxies to end best part is John Smedley saying NGE was a mistake
  13. clicky
  14. chrome is popping up with a warning of sanctuary.theastrusmega.com still from what i can tell its reporting on your signature Astrus