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  1. Please put your suggestions for adding/deleting/substituting/adjusting Mod packs here in this thread. Administration will review your request and determine if it supports our current goals for the game.
  2. I prefer Monet but hey Star Wars :)
  3. oooh you went to all the cool things!!!!
  4. If you were looking for everyplayer's opinion on what mining should and shouldn't be, there is a lengthy (328 replies thus far) post on Spectrum. The core of the argument that started it is "it is not fair" to spend so long and putting in the effort to mine only to have pirates/NPC/hostile players take your goods with minimal effort on their part. Fair or not, that tends to be the reality of games. My advice to all crafters and miners is head on over to our MWF practice and learn how to defend yourselves.
  5. So um one of your dogs basically stole my boat. I didn't put him in it either I swear lol. No clue how he got in there. I included the coords in case you need to go retrieve him.
  6. YouTuber BoredGamerUK is one of my more favorite super-fans of SC. He took a studio tour and blogged about it and reported back on some questions he asked them while he was there. "There is still a reputation system for criminality & good guy bad guy, BUT you’ll no longer constantly spawn just at Olisar & GrimHex, there is a lot more locations & you’ll spawn back in where you were". I think that will be especially interesting as one thing I don't like about the current game-play is the inability to pickup where you left off. In other games, especially Star Wars Galaxies, logging back in where I logged out made me extremely happy. In and out of the game, I am not much of a commuter so if I can stay where I want to be without having to travel all the way back, awesome. Time will tell how game-play will truly be, but this was an encouraging report.
  7. yay wb. I don't see photos.
  8. *sigh* if I could have the job I have now but in Austin I never would have moved from there. Speaking of Turbulent , the one guy used to post a lot on Spectrum but come to think of it I haven't seen him for a few days.
  9. Great hire him at my job as ASL interpreter :)
  10. Right? I figured he was already there too but he wasn't. Harrison Ford 6801 Hollywood Blvd. Carrie Fisher=no Alex Guinness 1559 Vine Street
  11. I missed this last month but Lumberyard (the game engine that now runs Star Citizen) is a year old now on May 6. Cutting-edge game, state-of-the-art engine, hold on to your hat this ride is about to get crazy! (in a good way) Here's to many more years. Added bonus link: Introduction to Lumberyard
  12. Ok so there's an update to this thread pinned to Spectrum. I get the whole fax advance thing. One aspect I hadn't thought about was the whole having to convert the currencies from one thing to another to pay staff. I forget about Brexit and the Pound Sterling angle now.
  13. I was mindblown by the part about how much detail goes into the solar systems.
  14. Oh cool. Have you seen that Shaw? I think I saw part of it as a kid but it has been added to a lot since then.
  15. Hmm we might really have smuggling in 3.0? I'm watching this weeks ATV and I am hearing Brian Chambers talk about Levski. He says they are putting the final touches on the customs checkpoint and making it "...ultimately hard for players to smuggle in unwanted goods". Hard but not impossible. The 3.0 Production Schedule has listed smuggling as one of the possible outcomes from mission givers. But the Levski development makes it sound more like it is actually really going to happen. Super excited about this!! I've played other games that promised smuggling but never really delivered an experience that met my expectations. Why so excited about smuggling? I am an RPing PVEr at heart who really loves putting one over on the AI.
  16. Yeah I look forward to having fun with this.
  17. I got the Nox Kue , the silver looking one.
  18. Not too bad., right? It took over an hour because I had to let his royal highness The Dog out for a bit. Twice. Where's my icon bros? I'm pretty sure there is a badge for this lol.
  19. Thanks all :) Thank you all very much for your training and support.
  20. Yeah i was going to say it looks promising except for need lots more buttons.
  21. Oh dear!
  22. For the lolz? Interesting.
  23. From what I read, Kythera is the company currently working on the Artificial intelligence for Star Citizen. However I am seeming a pattern with RSI changing things up (such as switching from Crytek's Cryengine to Amazon's Lumberyard). So when I read about a new AI company Element AI opening up in Canada with massive funding behind it, I can't help but wonder if Kythera might be next to go. Apparently Element are very ambitious.
  24. Yeah hopefully they can get 2.0 working as intended. I am very much looking forward to the ability to grab and move items.