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  1. Yes this guy is one of my faves now.
  2. I haven't been watching the Bug Smashers at all but this one on the "Flight Controller Failure" caught my eye. I actually had to laugh; the irony that the only 3 ships he tried out were the ones that worked. The things about code is it that it is not enough to just have it work. It needs to be written correctly- so it can easily be modified by the next person or include future sets of commands. Frankly, I'm a bit jealous of Mark Abent though because writing lines of code is my favorite task ever. Also, I think it is super-cool that they let us see what the coding looks like.
  3. Exactly. I don't get the hate they put into this article. Maybe they lost one too many dogfights? Ok fine if you don't like kickstarters then don't participate in them. Let the rest of us have some fun with our money. Life is too short not to have fun.
  4. I had to weed out some of my Facebook "friends" also for similar reasons. I'm glad to hear that things are looking up for you!!
  5. The New York Times has posted an article on our beloved Star Citizen. It is unfortunate that the angle they were going for is a bit hateration but even bad press gets people curious. I love this game so far and I think it is just going to be a true work of art when it comes out.
  6. yay great job!!!!
  7. Found another interesting post on Sandi's Twitter. I really like what they are doing with hair. I do love to have character customization options and this is looking great so far.
  8. I'm actually fairly excited about these. Space is nice and all but I do enjoy exploring new planets and terrains. I got the multi-pack of these and it should prove useful.
  9. This Tweet from Sandi Gardiner has a short tease video showing a bit of how getting cargo from derelict ships will be. I like what I see and can't wait for more :)
  10. Please put your suggestions for adding/deleting/substituting/adjusting Mod packs here in this thread. Administration will review your request and determine if it supports our current goals for the game.
  11. I prefer Monet but hey Star Wars :)
  12. oooh you went to all the cool things!!!!
  13. If you were looking for everyplayer's opinion on what mining should and shouldn't be, there is a lengthy (328 replies thus far) post on Spectrum. The core of the argument that started it is "it is not fair" to spend so long and putting in the effort to mine only to have pirates/NPC/hostile players take your goods with minimal effort on their part. Fair or not, that tends to be the reality of games. My advice to all crafters and miners is head on over to our MWF practice and learn how to defend yourselves.
  14. YouTuber BoredGamerUK is one of my more favorite super-fans of SC. He took a studio tour and blogged about it and reported back on some questions he asked them while he was there. "There is still a reputation system for criminality & good guy bad guy, BUT you’ll no longer constantly spawn just at Olisar & GrimHex, there is a lot more locations & you’ll spawn back in where you were". I think that will be especially interesting as one thing I don't like about the current game-play is the inability to pickup where you left off. In other games, especially Star Wars Galaxies, logging back in where I logged out made me extremely happy. In and out of the game, I am not much of a commuter so if I can stay where I want to be without having to travel all the way back, awesome. Time will tell how game-play will truly be, but this was an encouraging report.