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  1. I was disappointed to hear it sounds like they are intent on keeping with the 1-sun idea. I just think that makes the universe seem smaller even if it is huge.
  2. Interesting. Which moon did they mean?Yelin?
  3. Last week's ATV talked a lot about lighting. One thing that was said was that there was only going to be "one sun" and not multiple suns like they had planned before. Frankly I thought that was odd and I wasn't the only one. I liked the previous concept with universes all over and multiple suns and planets. There is a current discussion going on at Spectrum in the Ask the Devs section as to what that comment actually meant. As of this posting, Devs had not responded and cleared it up though. Maybe he meant just one sun model? Given the detail they are putting into the game elsewhere, though, that seems unusual. Multiple suns would rock so I am hoping that is what we end up with.
  4. Oh cool! I like her.
  5. Oh ok then how do you have down time? The school I went to last year kept me busy. I recently switched though so we'll see how demanding this new one is. I would say come play Star Citizen but I think you said your machine would need an upgrade? I had to buy a whole new computer lol. Mine was so ancient. It did just fine with WoW and Skyrim but that was it.
  6. Yay! Great job!
  7. I'm surprised nobody posted this video yet but I did a search and didn't find it here. The trick to having this sound like the musical equivalent of bath salts and not just weak techno is to launch it in 2 tabs; start one in the middle and at the same time the other one starts at the beginning. Or have I just had too much coffee/sugar hybrid liquid beverage combo? I have never been a fan of pot noodles, top ramen or those instant cups of soup things as they have a negative nutritional value and pretty much all taste like packaging with salt (regardless of what the purported flavor is). But sometimes they just hit the spot.
  8. I heard of this. Thank you Shaw for the info. Apparently they hold ransom for bitcoins. Interesting.
  9. Yes we are all online a lot. I would say it is easiest to find people MWF during the Eastern prime-time.
  10. I would suggest volunteer someplace or take a class in something fun like cooking or painting or rock-climbing or making furniture (whatever you are interested in). Or if school is astronomically priced in your area, get one of those "for Dummies" books. Also, when I had down time I used to make myself a schedule of things to do. I found structure and a project made it all less tiresome.
  11. ooooh ty for the head's up. I will be needing a new card eventually 1060 is just too limited.
  12. I notice that Disco posted : 2017.05.12 - A TOP SECRET ship will be going on sale for $275 starting on May 19th. The 19th is next Friday. Any thoughts what this ship might be?? They have already had a lot of fighter ship sales so maybe this is something else? Normally $275 is a bit rich for my blood but we'll see what it is first.
  13. They are on what Version 6 of the player-interaction model? I like grabbyhands the best but I can live with the slightly telekinetic version of the interactive model the showed too. I am really looking forward to the end of the "use" button.
  14. Hmm needs more ergo bend to it. But that's cool! They make some really awesome products.
  15. Sorry did you say "start" breaking joy sticks? ahahahaa