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  1. Yay! Space Bujutsu FTW! Now I just need to fine-tune some of my maneuvers and zero-death this.
  2. Oh you saved some money getting this early!
  3. I agree the music and your movements were perfect together. I actually forgot this has music on it because I turned that sound off on my computer. Great job Shaw and cool video!
  4. These are on sale 4/21/2017 to 5/1/2017 This ship is intended to defend other ships, such as Merchantman. The Good: Larger shield than other ships of same size 2 person capable (pilot and gunner) but can also be single-person. Each seat ejects independently. Obviously filling the alien technology niche. The Not So Good: Weaker hull than other ships of same size. It looks like a crab. Pricey price tag?
  5. If you missed the announcement earlier today, RSI are having a referral contest. Essentially the more people you refer, the more swag you can score. The dates of the contest are 4/20/2017 to 9/8/2017. Please see the RSI page for more information, including Referral 2017 Leaderboard and list of rewards. I like the pink Dragonfly actually. ------------------------------------------------ Edit: oh and they mention this at the end of ATV also.
  6. This is a good format. I like this.
  7. The RailCannon looks interesting.
  8. Thanks, Astrus! Yay for
  9. Nice Avatar Yva! :s8:

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      Yva Xorna

      Thanks. I like it :)


  10. Hmm. Well that is unfortunate. There are all sorts of ways to send things. Now you've got me curious. I'll have to check the weight & measurements (when it gets here) and see how much it would actually cost.
  11. If you didn't already know, I am a total sucker for hanger bling and electronic decorating. I'm often digging through the Extras bin at the RSI Store to see what I can find. However today I ended up in the Merchandise section and found something totally cool that is of a physical nature. They have a set of Playing Cards & Notepad on sale for $8.00. It comes with a deck of cards, a notepad, a window decal, and what clinched it for me, a pen!!! That pen is going to be displayed proudly at my desk at work!!
  12. Kakon yeah I'm not sure what their plans are for crating the ore. They have put a lot of detail into things so I am guessing that it would just be 50 unit and it magically forms itself into a container. I would think, based on the complex movements of just getting into a ship that there will be something similar type for boxing up ore.
  13. Yay! Great job!!
  14. I think these are Storm Troopers. And there's a Yoda in there someplace. Not sure if the carrots are supposed to be light sabers or not. Yummy though!
  15. Feed Me's "Escape from Electric Mountain" and some Swedish House Mafia. It's techno night.