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  1. Thanks all :) Thank you all very much for your training and support.
  2. Yeah i was going to say it looks promising except for need lots more buttons.
  3. Oh dear!
  4. Not too bad., right? It took over an hour because I had to let his royal highness The Dog out for a bit. Twice. Where's my icon bros? I'm pretty sure there is a badge for this lol.
  5. For the lolz? Interesting.
  6. From what I read, Kythera is the company currently working on the Artificial intelligence for Star Citizen. However I am seeming a pattern with RSI changing things up (such as switching from Crytek's Cryengine to Amazon's Lumberyard). So when I read about a new AI company Element AI opening up in Canada with massive funding behind it, I can't help but wonder if Kythera might be next to go. Apparently Element are very ambitious.
  7. Yeah hopefully they can get 2.0 working as intended. I am very much looking forward to the ability to grab and move items.
  8. Oh interesting about the 20% raise.
  9. Ah ok well I'd rather wait and have it be more-prefect than have it be out and need immediate adjustment.
  10. yeah I saw that too!
  11. I am not sure what you all use for Streaming or Twitching but Microsoft's Beam app is now Mixer. I like how the people can interact with the player but this really isn't for me. Still, I can see the potential for this to be very cool.
  12. Oh it looks good!
  13. Oh wow. I need to look into that.
  14. Aww well you will be missed. It is always nice to have somebody to talk to. Have fun in Italy & do post some pics from your trip!!
  15. Some group put this together and it looks nice. Remember to take 3rd party stats with a grain of salt . http://starcitizendatapad.com/