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  1. I've been playing armored warfare tank pvp. way better then world of tanks minecraft......
  2. i just got a beta invite as well downloading 19gb as i type and now i cant play....game never gets passed server communaction. ive sent 8 eails and its a known issue just wait for a fix....sigh!
  3. i'm torn between imperal agent and smuggler. i like playing a sniper but i was a smuggler in SWG. so i'm undecided.......
  4. i as well have ordered SWTOR
  5. game is not gonna fun without shawkorrr and astrus. sad day indeed but life goes on, new games come out and hopefully you will be playing and ill join you again. im playing greenscale and currently keyboard turning if you still gonna play come on over. hopefully this friday the 1st of july i'll have better use of my hand. its always fun playing with wookiees
  6. dysfunktionl, dysfunktional and newly a mage named wretched
  7. i moved to greenscale as well. i havnt been on because i lost 90% use of my left hand. after this last surgery i can play alil better but im not that great yet
  8. thx Astrus this helps alot
  9. kinda hard to ding 54 in a game that only goes up to 50
  10. ding lv33
  11. DING LEVEL 30
  12. since no reply ill take it as a no and start looking for one thx
  13. hate to beat a dead horse BUT how many of Sanct are playing Vanguard:soh? is there enough to start a guild?? if there is just pick one race(can delete then after) to start a guild then have someone invite your mains in and start inviting
  14. Thats Right Its Double EXP Weekend Sat 5am to Monday 5am PST
  15. double exp weekend and my systems freezes :angry: now i got to download all those vanguard files all over :angry: oh well