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  1. Thanks for the share
  2. 49k

    Lets do this!
  3. 49k

    Omg this forum now has 49k total posts! Congratulations ladies and gentlemen of S.o.W.
  4. There will be no .... "loners" in this organization! ... oh what a horrid joke that was soz
  5. Official Bounty Hunter Guild News: Some RP for those who may be interested!
  6. Extremely helpful post! Thank you for sharing Astrus!
  7. Just a reminder, never complain to RSI that Merchantman costs too much because they might ..... BANU *Ba dum tss* Get it? Get it?? BAN YOU
  8. Excellent! Keep it up Yva, doing good!
  9. 49k

    With that ship? OOOOOH YEAH!
  10. Good to hear they are doing stuff like that :)
  11. Ty ty! :D Ty!!!! :D
  12. Got what it takes? Then you may want to apply for a job at CIG
  13. The most epic VO I've ever heard !!!
  14. Can't wait to have gatherings in that sexy thang, @WazzY !!!
  15. Thanks for sharing this!
  16. Got friends that doesn't have super hornet? Fly for free now.
  17. RSI sharing an inside look at the complicated process behind creating a schedule for a game of Star Citizen's scope. And here is the report Clicky
  18. Loving them gifs Kakon! ...and the guns obviously.
  19. It is SPRING sale
  21. If you want a certain person on the forums to know you are wanting their attention in a post/topic you can do so by inserting their nick next to @. "Hey @Zynwin, what are you up to today?". Zynwin will now get a notification when he goes online here on our forums.
  22. Amen to that