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  1. Earlier this week, CIG asked on Twitter what adventures we hope to find on the dark side of the moon.
  2. There will be a bunch of .... preaching going on I believe LAWL
  3. Bah dangit LOL
  4. They be fixing your shotgun bugs! "pew pew"
  5. Happy Birthday Sandi Gardiner !!! Sanctuary wishes you a wonderful day with family and friends.
  6. Not sure if you guys have heard of this game before, but it is truly an amazing game from what I have heard (and seen). I would like to recommend you pick this up on the next sale if you have not yet purchased it
  7. LETS DO THIS!!!!!!!
  8. Ty sir, much appreciated!
  9. Bwhaha, yes indeed! Seems like my brother will be getting new graphics card very soon
  11. Goodness gracious
  12. Excellent news! Keep it up!
  13. Protect your computers ladies and gentlemen. ...this weekend there has been a nasty virus infected the entire planet. Update your anti-virus and malware softwares and OS etc.
  14. The bigger question is .... What the actual FRELL does TMNT have to do with Star Citizen?