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  1. If your Minecraft won't launch (gets stuck at like "bla bla bla model") here is something that has worked for some members: 1) Update your graphic drivers. 2) Make sure to uninstall your current Java version, using "JavaUninstallTool.exe" and find and install "jre-8u131-windows-x64.exe" (x64 version of Java offline). 3) Restart your computer just to be sure.
  2. This had me rofling....
  3. Lets get this show on the road !!!
  4. To be honest though, that first video reminds me so much of my childhood graphics that I kinda prefer that lol. Well, not really, but you know lololol
  5. The sunset and later at 25:25 .... SWEET !!! A really impressive ATV! Was that Neil Degrasse Tyson VO??
  6. Ive heard it is quite fun :) However I dont use VR so I wouldnt be able to play it hehe. Yeah STO can go eff themselves lol
  7. Finally figured out how a "little person" wookiee would look like
  8. It is going to be as straight forward as possible "Every ship that has been sold has insurance - it is not the final version of how insurance will work". Ya'll better not be broke in this game or else you will have to wait for HOURS to get it
  9. Hey, at least it won't be in the middle of our vaca :p
  10. Oh the mayhem when people read this somewhere....
  11. Oh nice topic bro! This will help quite a lot of people!
  12. ...only person allowed to work on Austin .... is his gf bwahaha. Sorry, worst joke of the year
  13. Tickets to CitizenCon 2947 on Sale Soon! June 30th, 2017 Greetings Citizen, The Nox was the big story in the Star Citizen universe this week. To celebrate, this stylish and streamlined space bike slowed down enough to star in a special episode of Bugsmashers and have a ship Q&A done about it. Those looking to touch terminal velocity on the back of one of these bad boys have until Monday, 3rd July, to snag a Nox for themselves. Tickets for CitizenCon 2947 go on sale this weekend. If you can make it to the Capitol Theater in Frankfurt, Germany, on Friday 27th October, then be sure to look for further details below. Also, Around the Verse has a studio update from our Austin office and Turbulent, and highlighted our incredible VFX team. Meanwhile, the march to 3.0 has been ramping up across all our studios as more and more mechanics are coming online in each build. As you can see from our production schedule, we’re tackling successes and obstacles in equal measure, but we think it’s really shaping up. The constant encouragement and community engagement have been a big boost as the team works their tail off to get the 3.0 release out the door. Sincerely, The Star Citizen Team
  14. I've not yet watched ATV, but .... I think he is "talking" about a ship is dodging asteroids but end up exploding into a particle system lol