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  1. It's been fun. My thanks mainly go to Astrus for all of his advice on the cleric class. He made me better by pulling me out of my comfort zone and challenging me. Admittedly, there were times when I wanted to choke his lights out, but these were usually followed by my feeling like an *butt* for doubting his motives. Success is not something come by without hard work, and the times I was most fed up were the times I was being forced to be better than I was. As a result, I am forever thankful for the time and effort invested in me by Astrus, Shawkorr, and all of the leadership of SoW. You guys are awesome and I wish you all the best. Thanks also to all of the members of SoW that made Rift fun for me. Marus
  2. For anyone interested in click healing with a purifier, here is how I do it. Basically, the raid frames are tucked into the left corner, under the char portrait and to the right of the lefthand taskbars. See attached pics. Just too many macros to try and remember all of the keybinds...