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  1. Wow, didnt even realize all these Happy B-day things were here. LoL. just thought i would do a random search for my player name in google, and found it, lol.
  2. i play under TcNsain, just respeced from jedi to commando, i'm CL 57, im a rebel and i like to watch PvP since im too low of lvl to participate and i like to help ppl with problems if i can help
  3. I've just seen you around and my friend Chagnon is in and i decided that i would also like to join I've been playing MMORPGs for about 3 years maybe more im not certain, before i came to SWG i played EQ, not sure how long exactly for how long i been playing SWG but i know that i been playing a long time I have read the member guidlines
  4. hi, i would like to join sanct TcNsain- CL 56 Jedi Rebel t'c n'sain- CL 80 TKM and Master Swords (account not active) was in Order of Orion, rebel