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  1. *screams* Helloooooooooooooo Is anybody out thereeeeeeeee? I seem to have lost all my guildies and am on a cold planet (LOL) With all things set aside, I have not heard from anyone in SancT for a while. I hope you all are well. Me, I'm still a workaholic. I work from home for Sprint (Started that in Nov 2011) and also p/t for McDonalds U have my own apartment now, and am still persisting towards my AS in MA. How are you doing Astrus and Shaw? I have no contact info for either of you? I miss you, and my old friends from SacT. I hope you are well. I did try to find/locate both of you on facebook, but had no luck. I posted in the SancT facebook page too for a bit, but no one ever responded. I hope you are well. Hopefully you see this. I miss you my dear friends!
  2. Good luck over there -- pray you come home safe, as I just lost my brother overseas, wouldnt want that to happen to a lot of people...
  3. So how about we try and keep SancT going? What can I do?
  4. If anyone wants to contact me: Cassanova007 in Rift. I will continue to play so long as I can continue to play with you all.
  5. Honestly, I am subbed til October... I have played the game for what? 2mos? then had RL stuff to take care of... not sure what will happen, but sure will keep in touch with people here
  6. I agree with this, but if it is the wish of Shaw and Astrus, than I respect their wishes... I always have had pride in this guild, and even more so the people... Everyone here has been great friends... facebook: msn: yahoo: april_driesse aim: iloveorlando692 skype: aprilmariedriesse Lemme know who you are if you add me so I dont sit there going who the heck is that.
  7. Hey Fellow SancT's I just wanted to wish you all a very Happy Memorial Day. Remember those that have served, currently serve, and will serve in the future. Especially with the current war and conflicts going on. I've been there and done that. Be safe, enjoy the weekend, but do remember the reason we celebrate it. What are you all doing for Memorial Day? Me personally, I am taking advantage of those Military Discounts they offer, and heading to a water park for the day, my only day of relaxing. I also will be heading to the VA and a local school to speak, and present a Memorial Day Powerpoint Presentation.
  8. Things worked out in my favor :) Just got slapped with a fine, and told good behavior for 2 years will drop it off my record! *happy dance* Thank you for your friendship.
  9. Wait... Wha?!? *scratches head* Erm... I don't know how to react... I guess what ever is best for you all, but I hope you keep in touch!! I made some really wonderful friends here... Edit: I want to just say that I respect the decisions of Shaw and you Astrus, and that if you feel the end is what is best, than I do not question that decision at all. I want to say sorry again for my inactivity. I do miss the long talks I've had with you and Astus, as well as Gnume and other members that helped me along the way, and am very sorry to hear that some people chose to basically take advantage of you, and hate on you, when you were just trying to be a friend. I've met very few honorable people in games, but at the top of the list is Astrus, and you. In the little time I was around, and have been around, I've grown to respect you both immensely. If you wish, I will be sending both a PM with my personal irl contact info... I hope you keep in touch!
  10. Hey Everyone, Sorry I have not been around much. The last three months have been hell on earth for me, between legal issues, irl stuff, starting another job (I just got hired at a second job full time at a call center for AOL, and am still working 20 hours from home for AT&T, add that to being a full time college student and a single mom.... yeah it gets hectic...) and having to reinstall my OS 3 times... IDK what Mondays court date will hold in store for me, but if I'm not around, it is safe to say that I will be back when all is said and done. Just wanted to say I am still around, and hope to see you all in game soon. - Cass out
  11. Yeah... this game had a lot of potential. I am sad to see it being sold... I saw it coming too...
  12. Wow... I'm left speechless with this...
  13. Are these for chars who need to get to lvl 50, or for lvl 50? Just wanted to clarify
  14. Welcome! Look forward to seeing you play. I'm slowly making my way to 20. I'm 18 now... hopefully to get up there soon...
  15. Wow! Congrats!