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  1. anybody still play sto put there? i going to pick it back up for a month to see what is going on in there, that and i just need to get my star trek fix
  2. I still going to play but momre then likely on a pve sever
  3. i agree with the last 2 on the list and i just got the internet back what to do now
  5. Digital goods and privileges Collector's Edition Item: Ancient Tartagon mount. Increases Character Speed by 60%. Collector's Edition Item: Collector's Satchel. Increases Starter Bag Capacity to 24 Slots. Collector's Edition Item: Shiny Lil' Trinket. Summons Bogling Wastrel Companion Pet. Promotional Item: RIFT Pre-order Companion Pet Choice: One Per Character. Promotional Item: Shrouded Sourcestone Rune. Weapon Enchantment - Death.
  6. Iam not sure about that I got preorded mine from Trion (RIFT Digital Collector's Edition)
  7. We are all playing as Guardian and we were on a pve rp server it ad the lowest population when we started the last beta the sever name was ShadeFallen there is a poll going for which type of sever to be on when the game hits live which is march the 1st if you preodered for trion you get a head start at the game which will be a few days before launch. Has anybody got there beta invite for this one yet?
  8. for you FRED
  9. I wonder if it really has the other big MMO's that scared!&p=667206#post667206
  10. I think i got you beat (warning not for those with weak guts)
  11. This part has me wondering first i have heard of it Mar 10 (Thursday) HOLODECK Update C-Store: Prometheus
  12. yep i got the same thing it was broken by fred it is always his fault
  13. And let the lawsuit begin
  14. Me thinks that guy *crap* his self