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  1. Sorry,It's for PvP. Haven't really thought about PvE
  2. hey, would thisbe a good build for a mage? if not, could you explain to me why so i can try and fix it?
  3. screw asking where they're taking her, punch the man in the face and get her away from them! damn reporters... seriously, how do you just stand there and ask questions while a woman is forced into a car against her will?
  4. This is one I think might work. Assassin and Bladedancer for the melee dps and bard for self buffs and small heals. Take a look
  5. Here's the application thread. Hope to see you in game soon, if you're near moonshade highlands! (Kata in game, Lore In vent.)
  6. KOS Mungrush Pewpewheal
  7. yeah, he started attempting to get smart about the 3rd time we killed him. Rav and Harold were dueling to work out some kinks in a build i think, and he'd rez right as one of them lost and attempt to kill him.
  8. oohh, that might be a tall order... good thing it's a weekly
  9. fake ding.... still level 27
  11. okay, I was playing Rift tonight and noticed that my frame rate was 9 FPS on minimal settings. I was wondering if there was a way to increase that without having to upgrade my graphics card. I have an ATI Radeon HD 3200 graphics card. and i already have all other programs closed except for Ventrilo, and it doesn't help much.
  12. but....but..... if we aren't on an RP serrver..... we can't mess with RPers.....
  13. someone call NASA, we found their UFO's..... or would it be UFNs?
  14. I will still be playing ST:O, but not too sure about Rift... can't really afford 50$ right now.
  15. don't really care, myself.... i like both pve and pvp servers,having played on both in the beta