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  1. I second that. Lets try to do it.
  2. I am still playing just let me know what you guys do. If you goto a pve server I will follow.
  3. I am sad to see such a GREAT guild shutdown. I always had pride being in Sanct. Please do not shut it down. Lets start over. Shaw delegate your leadership we have some great players right now we can take some of the burden off your shoulders.
  4. Just got back from Disney World. I will post some pics from the trip. You guy will like the lego stuff.
  5. Happy Birthday Fred.
  6. We can make an alt alt guild and get more bank space too.
  7. My gamer tag is jmt012
  8. \ Where did you get your code? Is the game in some sort of beta already?
  9. Aluminum baseball bat.
  10. Gratz to the both of you.
  11. Hello my name is James. I am from the Seattle area. I have been playing mmos since Meridian 59. I played SWG the longest time of all of em. I was on the Tempest server a day one vet of the game. I am looking forward to meeting you all in game soon.n Just give me a few days to warm up and you will see me in vent.