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  1. I was in STO (Star Trek Online) and I saw this question scroll thru chat and WOW! did it cause a discussion like you wouldn't believe. It was very thought provoking and funny to me. What do you think??? "If the Borg were to assimulate a Jedi, would the Borg gain Jedi powers?" I personally don't know if the entire hive would gain Jedi powers, but it really makes you think. Would this be their new saying? "We are the Borg. You will be assimilated. Your biological and technological distinctiveness will be added to our own. May the force be with you, but resistance is futile."
  2. I just wanted to let everyone know we have unlocked the transwarp conduit to our starbase. You can now transwarp their directly from anywhere. Also, we are about 3/4's of the way done unlocking additional services on the starbase. E.g., mail, ship selector, etc. Come check it out!
  3. For those keeping an eye on SoW in STO, we are on the verge of unlocking the 1st tier of our fleet starbase. This will give us the ability to transwarp direct to it instead of flying there. There are also several other basic features will will also be unlocked. There are about 9 of us working on it. If your bored and want to check out STO or just to fire it back up to see all the changes we would welcome your help. It would make it go that much faster with more people actively contributing. We hope to see you in there!
  4. Our starbase is slowly leveling up with 9 of us actively working on it. From what I've seen in zone chat the other fleets are giving out rewards for helping complete the various starbase projects. We have also instituted this as well. Our rewards are not that much (I tried to balance the reward output to the donation rate input), but they do increase as you put more and more resources into building it up. The contribution level is based on the starbase "leaderboard" tab. Here is how it works: {Edit - Please ignore the funky formatting. Forum fonts don't want to play nicely.} Contribution .../... Reward ============ .../... ====== Initial .../... 25K in EC (25,000 in Energy Credits) 25K .../... 50K in EC 50K .../... 100K in EC 100K .../... 250K in EC +100K .../... 250K in EC (for each additional 100K contribution) I am also offering milestone bonuses for those that are really dishing out the resources. This is in addition to your normal contribution reward that you would get at that level. Here they are: Milestone .../... Reward ========= .../... ====== 500K .../... 500K in EC 1Mil .../... 1Mil in EC (1,000,000 in Energy Credits) +1Mil .../... 1Mil in EC (for each additional 1Mil contribution) ** Astrus - Don't let this worry you about the reward size. I have been donating like a mad-man every day since we've been able to and I've only racked up 200K in contribution. With the amount of excess items donated to the fleet bank we should be able to pretty easily offset these milestone rewards. ** So if you haven't played in a while, please join us to help build our new starbase into an awesome home. If you don't know much about fleet starbases in STO, I can tell you that once they are completely leveled up it will pretty much replace the SOL Starbase with some additional fleet only bonuses. Finally, Cryptic/Perfect World does not allow the sending of money (EC) thru the game's mail system. Lame, I know, but we can exchange EC through direct trade. So if you have contributed to the starbase projects, please send me an in-game mail about when you will be on next and I will try to link up with you then so I can personally give you your reward. If that won't work for you, but you would like some item from the fleet bank instead of the EC reward, please let me know. I CAN mail items through the mail system. Go figure... Lance
  5. Fleet permission have been granted again!!!! I will have the starbase missions selected and running this evening. I hope to see you in there to participate in building it up into an awesome place to call home! Lance
  6. I was surfing while my new computer was reinstalling all my software and I came across this reference to SoW and STO. Thought it was pretty nice to see SoW mentioned by a Massively staff in a blog (back in March 2012).
  7. Send me a PM with your STO toons name. I will try to get you an invite.
  8. Sounds good. We are experiencing a delay in getting the starbase updated. When they released Season 6 they added new Fleet "permissions". When they did this it essentially locked me out of managing several fleet options to include selecting fleet missions to complete, managing some fleet bank options, and I can't even grant anyone access to transwarp to the starbase. I can't even get there... We have started to stockpile mats needed to complete the missions once I can activate them for the fleet. Feel free to join in and start gathering stuff up. So far we have only lost 3 players because of the delay. There is also a new Fleet option (I have mixed feelings about) that if the Guild Leader does not log in every 30 days the next higher ranking "active" player will get an option to take charge of the Fleet. In essence they have removed "ownership" of fleets. The good thing about this is you can have more than one person at the Guild Leader Rank as I would NEVER want to replace Astrus or Shaw as our original/true Guild Leaders. Anyways, I should see this option pop-up around next weekend (Aug 3/4) as Astrus last logged in to STO on July 4th. I will then have full leadership (all available permissions) of the Fleet so I can grant out permissions and we can get things rolling on these starbase missions. See ya in there! Lance
  9. Astrus does check the forums now and then. Try sending him a PM message via the forum member listing. And it's good to see others still wandering around these parts! :-)
  10. I have pretty much cleaned up the Fleet Bank. You can only have 40 items on the Exchange at one time so it will take a couple of days to finish selling off all the excess/worthless items. In the couple of days I've had items posted we have made about 1,000,000 energy credits. Not too bad! I have also gone thru all 337 fleet members (twice) and have promoted anyone that has logged into STO since January 2012 to "Member" status. This will open up the 1st Fleet Bank Tab to the "Members". Currently everyone can deposit, but only Members and above can withdrawl 1 item/day from that 1st Tab. If there is something you are interested in that is on another Tab you will have to get with me on that. What is incredible is that since January 2012 we've had 124 members login!!!!! Since June 2012 there have been about 29 members that have logged in. I find this VERY promising with getting the Fleet going again. Astrus is going to help clear up the "Events" until we get rebuilt a little more. I will also look at updating the Fleet Information and the Uniforms. I will be sticking with the original white & gold SoW uniform colors. That is all for now.
  11. SoW in STO is making a comeback! Astrus has given me access and approval to get us going again. Please be patient as it will take me several days to get things cleaned up in the Fleet Bank, promote players out of "recruit" status, and update the Fleet information. I hope to get us reorganized and recruiting again. I will be sending out updates in STO Fleet Mail so read your mail! I would like to make 1 thing clear. Even though SoW shutdown last year we are still under the SoW banner and as such we WILL abide by all previous Guild/Fleet rules established by Astrus & Skar! We are going to be doing this out of respect to the GREAT guild SoW was...and they were excellent guild/fleet rules. Astrus has also granted permission for us to continue to use the Sow STO forums. Every day that I get on STO, which should almost be daily now, I will also be checking these forums. So post away! Comments & suggestions are ALWAYS welcomed. Well, with that, I hope to see you in STO again. Season 6 is to be released soon which will grant us Fleet Starbases - a place for us to call our own. There will even be daily events for us to defend it and gain special rewards (we don't lose anything if we don't). Lance out.
  12. I'm trying to work out an admin solution for the fleet right now. Once things come together we can clean up the roster (300+ names right now) and get things rolling again. There are so many changes in place now that I'm finding that the time I do spend on STO I'm having to learn (respec) all over again. But I can say that I'm really liking the changes!
  13. It has been a while and I hope everyone is doing well. I retired from the military last year and this year I was graced with a grandson. I'm only 44 darn it!!! I'm still hardcore into RIFT and switched over to the defiant side on Deepwood (PvE). New world events, etc. keep me going there. I've also joined back into STO just recently and OMG is there a lot of nice new changes there and it is still PACKED with people playing! I couldn't believe it! When I logged on today there were 3 other fleet members playing. With that in mind, no one has seen an admin (Astrus or Shawkorr) login for the fleet. I was wondering if maybe Astrus or Shaw could login to STO once and grant me full fleet access so I can manage it. I'm willing to even rename it to honor the SoW shutdown. I just hate seeing all that stuff just sit there in the fleet bank and no one can access it (and some people still add to it). Otherwise in about a month or so (to give them time to login) I will probably abandon the fleet...sad times... You guys can always reach me at Best wishes! Lance
  14. How are you all liking SW:TOR? I've been checking out the videos, etc. Still haven't taken the plunge yet.
  15. You may or may not see this before you go...but we wish you the best of luck and pray you (and everyone else) come home safely. We salute you for your service. GOD BLESS AMERICA! Lance U.S. Air Force, Retired.