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  1. Agreed. Vent helps everyone involved.
  2. You get your new Mustang but your neighbors dog gets inside and tears apart the interior when you left the door open to carry in groceries. I wish I had an iPad.
  3. Please take some if you need it. I have PLENTY!
  4. Honestly, I loved the song. Very nice. I'll have to show you the remix I have of it.
  5. Vidoka takes 9,000 sonic damage from Shawkorrr's Fly on the Wings of Love attack. Vidoka dies.
  6. The Forgiving Reaper In black cloak be shrouded Draped by darkest night Clinging to the deep red scythe Seeking souls and blood Ever dead and shackled Enslaved by times unholy Reaping soul and flesh Dipping bones in soil A name unremembered Thieved by time itself Shielding it from morals Robbing deadly truths The grim reaper is coming Prepared to take me in Removing all my burdens Forgiving all my sins A.C.
  7. The Journey Through frozen ice chilled winds Through vastly ash charred lands I travel to the edge of worlds Never meeting life's ends As I call into the howling night I feel the warmth of promised love Walking willingly into death's domain I venture bravely but am insane Destination reached yet time uncharted I take the hand of one so dear Holding tightly with joy unquestioned I feel the rising heat within me For I am home and love is with me A.C.
  8. Hades' Gate A flash, a bang, a desperate cry The call in need of those on high In future's door, does death await Should wing bound ally arrive too late The hand is rushing, moments passed No time remaining for our fair lass Then overhead does hope come fast To relieve the burden once forecast A flash, a bang, a joyous cry The call is heard by those nearby In time to alter a cruel fate For those in line at Hades' Gate A.C. PS: A.C. is my Pseudonym. Allen Colsen.
  9. Thanks! The science kit model makes the outfit work for me. :3
  10. Oh yes. Vidoka... Bringing sexy back.
  11. The number of issues with ISP/Weather/Other is crippling our attempts at KA. I'm wondering if we should call in the gods to bless us with favorable raiding time? O.O
  12. :gasp...:
  13. Today only! Steam is hosting an EA Games week and today's deal is 33% off Bad Company 2 and 50% off Battlefield 2 Complete! :O
  14. Vance and I in similarly designed vessels (visually) sitting outside a system.