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  1. /salute. Was always fun guys, sad to see the guild that got me into MMO's shut its doors. I wish you all the best in everything, no other guild can match the quality that this one provided. -Epic. Ps. Thank you again Astrus for the PvP lesson on top of the guild roof. Those teachings propelled me to level I am at today. And Shaw, thanks for the invite to guild in Mos Eisley. It showed me what a true gaming community can accomplish.
  2. You were right about cleric astrus, shxt owns but for a raiding dps spec should I pick, druid, inquistor, and a healing spec all in one? Im a little confused on how this all works out lol.
  3. 1) In-game name@name? Epiceari 2) What is your Race and Class? Vulcan Engineer 3) What are your ambitions or goals in Star Trek Online? To honestly just have fun and enjoy the game with others. 4) Have you ever been in SancTuarY of Wanderhome in the past? If yes, when and in what game? Yes I have, back in SWG I cant remember the dates they were so long ago :P and world of warcraft prolly back in 08? Again its hard to remember lol. 5) What are you most interested in; PvP, RP, or PvE? Primarily PvP and PvE both I'd say 50/50 6) Do you like to help others, or do you like to be on your own doing your own thing? I like to do my own thing but I am more than willing to help others whenever they need it. 7) Have you applied to other guild(s) in Star Trek Online the last three months? If yes, what guild(s)? Nope 8) What other guild(s) have you been a member of in the past, and what game did they play in? None worth mentioning 9) Where did you hear/read about us? If a SancT member referred you to this web-site, what is his/her name? A long long time ago back in 2006 from Shawkorrr :P 10) When did you start playing STO? About four days ago lol 11) Are you a lifetime subscriber ("lifer") to Star Trek Online? I am not :/ 12) Have you read the Guild Guidelines, and do you agree with all of them? If you do, why? Yes and I agree because I have been in this guild before and I had the best times in this guild and I know that the guidelines are in place to hold the guild together and not there for punishment or restraint. 13) Do you have Ventrilo and a working mic? Yes and Yes 14) Is your internet good/stable enough to play without lagging out all the time? How new is your graphic card? Is your fps so low that playing STO becomes a pain for you and your computer? Do your computer ever crash? Yes my internet rarely crashes , my video card is a 9800gt from EVGA around 1-1/12 years old, My fps with all graphics on high never drops below 30 at that's when everything is going crazy on the screen lol. 15) What is your real life first name? And how old are you in real life? Daniel and I am 18 16) What country are you from? United States 17) Do you have a job and/or study in real life? If yes, what is your job, and/or what do you study? I am currently studying at a community college just trying to find something that interest me. 18) Do you like the NBA? If not why? No I don't because I feel that the playoffs are rigged lol 19) Tell us a little about yourself; It can be anything from real-life hobbies to in-game ones, or anything else that you would like to share. I like to play guitar Ive been playing for around 6 years now, I like to study horticulture for fun(not gardening lol) and I am currently starting to get more interested with stocks, bonds and investments
  4. I just had this thing on my concious to say thank you to you guys after everything. I gave my account to a friend and he server transfered to kalecgos. For some reason wow was really never entertaining to me =/
  5. I would like to thank everyone that I knew in SancTuarY. Wow and SWG. You guys were by the far the best guild and some of the best people I have ever met. Thank you Eduan: Thanks bro for all the help in swg with space and the encouragement to continue on leveling and pushing forward. Thank you Beetnu: Dude we had some great times in swg and wow. Always helped me with quest or ganking imps or just messing round Thank you Shawkorr: For all the times of encouragement and advice and always giving me good laugh. really helped me and had an awesome time knowing you for the past 2 years. And most of all... THANK YOU ASTRUS: Astrus you really taught me alot, not only about games but also about life and I learned alot. I am the only person in my entire group of friends that actually understands pollitics and can actually HOLD a conversation about it. In game you taught me to pwn imps to the point that they were reporting me because they thought I was sploiting :P. Also for teaching me Quest were faster than instances. Also id like to take a moment and say sorry for any trouble I had caused you and for the whole firsthunter ordeal ( That guy is a complete loser and only a few months ago did I realize this.) Thanks bro :) Also THANK YOU everyone else. The list would be HUGE if I was to put everyone in it :P. Thank you SoW /salute
  6. Gratz Ed!!!!!!! :H5: :H5: :H5:
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  8. Happy B-day bro!! :H5: :H5: :H5: :H5: :dance: :dance:
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