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  1. The Banu Defender!
  2. Ive watched this like 18+ times. The synchronization of the music with the times where he passed you is awesome bro. GJ!!!
  3. Narrated by Forgan Mreeman!
  4. Updated post with first batch of custom made Animated Avatars! :D
  5. Click Emoticons > Choose Categories > Star Citizen 8-bit
  6. Nice Avatar Yva! :s8:

    1. Yva Xorna

      Yva Xorna

      Thanks. I like it :)


  7. Nice @Yva Xorna!
  8. @Shawkorrr Yessir!
  9. “Think Once, Think Twice, Think Forever.” At its foundation our slogan represents that we take careful thought into every move we make, and understand that each decision made has it’s rewards and consequences. However, in a broader context it means much more.
  10. Choose your Destiny! The above video is a brief overlook of our branches and member progression. More info coming soon as Star Citizen game mechanics information become available!
  11. Good Job Bro!!
  12. This was an extremely brief look into our long history. If you would like to join a experienced organization with a rich history, a proven track record in games that have inspired Chris Roberts vision while building Star Citizen, and a community that prides itself on, not just recruiting exceptional members, but helping build exceptional members... Join us and become an integral part of the next chapter, in the history, of Sanctuary of Wanderhome.