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    Here is an updated and comprehensive schedule with a list of all their goals before their release of 3.0 Enjoy! https://robertsspaceindustries.com/schedule-report
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    I know there have been a couple of different lists of the "loaner ships" that are available instead of the ships we purchased. This is a really good list from RSI and it shows how for some situations there is a secondary loaner. They updated this April 17th, making it current. I was not aware of the Secondary Loaner but that does explain why, not including the monthly loaners for subscribing, sometimes the ships I have available are different
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    Chris Roberts and Sandi Gardiner share the Frankfurt studio update. Also, get some insight on the department responsible for assuring the quality of Star Citizen.
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    Yay! Space Bujutsu FTW! Now I just need to fine-tune some of my maneuvers and zero-death this.
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    The Merchantman recently went up in price from $250 to $350 and with such has also been said to be larger than originally planned. As you can see in this picture it is almost capital ship size! (see the people at the bottom) I sure am glad I bought it when it was $250 as so far it's the best price to mass ship price!
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    Nice, now get back in the mines and farm up some ore!
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    Omg this forum now has 49k total posts! Congratulations ladies and gentlemen of S.o.W.
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    Prospector would work.
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    Oh very nice. This makes it easy to understand.
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    Extremely helpful post! Thank you for sharing Astrus!
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    Oh you saved some money getting this early!
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    If you missed the announcement earlier today, RSI are having a referral contest. Essentially the more people you refer, the more swag you can score. The dates of the contest are 4/20/2017 to 9/8/2017. Please see the RSI page for more information, including Referral 2017 Leaderboard and list of rewards. I like the pink Dragonfly actually. ------------------------------------------------ Edit: oh and they mention this at the end of ATV also.
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