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    Yay! Space Bujutsu FTW! Now I just need to fine-tune some of my maneuvers and zero-death this.
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    The torpedo is a veracious predictor. Here we see it tracking a plump Herald ripe with electromagnetic signatures. The torpedo can smell electricity in space from over 4000 meters away and will chase a target for minutes on end... Here we see the gracious torpedo circling its target to confuse it, probing for the best location to attack, and getting ready to deliver the killing blow. This is a PSA for all pilots out there flying in torpedo territory... Keep sight on asteroids to hide behind, side step the torpedo and let its speed carry it past you so you can get to safety, and never give up no matter how many times it circles around.
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    So I came across this the other day and was curious about it's applications in gaming, but mostly Star Citizen. It is a vertical mouse where your hand rests more upright. I'm sure it is rather comfortable but I think this could be a good thing for people who want to dual joystick, yet still get the accuracy of a mouse, as this sits a bit like a joystick. If it had a few more buttons I would consider buying it. https://fanduco.com/products/ergonomic-vertical-mouse
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    Not too bad., right? It took over an hour because I had to let his royal highness The Dog out for a bit. Twice. Where's my icon bros? I'm pretty sure there is a badge for this lol.
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    Yeah i was going to say it looks promising except for need lots more buttons.
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    Chris and Erin Roberts host this week’s episode, which focuses on how serialized variables make networking a game of this size and scope possible. Plus, Los Angeles provides a studio update.
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    From what I read, Kythera is the company currently working on the Artificial intelligence for Star Citizen. However I am seeming a pattern with RSI changing things up (such as switching from Crytek's Cryengine to Amazon's Lumberyard). So when I read about a new AI company Element AI opening up in Canada with massive funding behind it, I can't help but wonder if Kythera might be next to go. Apparently Element are very ambitious.
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    Choose your Destiny! The above video is a brief overlook of our branches and member progression. More info coming soon as Star Citizen game mechanics information become available!
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    Astrus, I think I've done too good on the STO forums lol. ... the STO/WoW haters have arrived! Hehe, we've been in STO for weeks and are loving every single second we play it This game is awesome. Thank you for your comments though, draclepl, you're a nice proof what quality most of WoW players have. Nice try though
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    I believe you get it at launch like the pre-order stuff.