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    Sanctuary Of Wanderhome has a Modded Minecraft Server! Alongside SoW's normal rules read these guidelines before you join. -Post your minecraft Username in this thread to be added to whitelist. -If you experience any issues with other players or the server send a private message to Kakon on the forums. -Respect other players. Avoid building too close to another player without their permission and don't be a jerk -Respect the server. Avoid creating any machines or systems that will cause lag on the server. How to Connect! Step 1: Head over to Technic Launcher Download and download the Technic Launcher. This launcher will be in use instead of minecraft.exe when you wish to join the modded server. Step 2: Launch your TechnicLauncher.Exe and Log in with your normal minecraft username and password. Step 3 Under the launcher options (located in top right corner of launcher) nagivate to the java settings tab and allocate some memory for minecraft to use. The recommended minimum amount is 4 GB. Step 4: Navigate to the ModPacks and enter the search bar http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/sanctuary-of-wanderhome Step 5: Hit the install button. You are now ready to use the modpack! Step 6: Click Multiplayer and join the Sanctuary of Wanderhome Server! Getting Started When a user first logs in they will be greeted by Sanctuary Base. The original home base built up by Shawkorrr and Astrus years ago. This HomeBase will serve as a host for server events and server shops. While everyone (Including everyone from the old server) are starting from scratch, we keep these projects around as a demonstration of our collaborative effort we can achieve! After checking out the sites its time to head out and start a new. Players can request to join already established people or create their own new homes. Avoid building too close to Sanctuary Base as it will be host to events, stay around 100 blocks away from its borders. The first chest you place down on the server will try to claim that land as yours! Using the AntiGriefing Mod. You are now ready to explore the books that put your on the progression path for one of our core mods. Speaking of mods here is a quick setup for how to get started with our major mods: Just Enough Items: Your inventory has been modified to show all the items available in game. Mousing over any item and pressing Default R will show you the recipe to build and and pressing Default U will show you what it can build into. This will help in figuring out how to achieve any item in any mod pack. The inventory overlay can be toggled on/off with Default Ctrl O. AntiGriefing: The first chest you place down will claim the land as your own. Claimed land can not be altered, interfered with, or stolen from in any way by other players. Players have access to a list of commands to modify how they use their land. Most commonly used among them are the Trust Commands that let other players have permission to use your plot. To check the borders of a claim simply right click the block while holding a stick. When you want to expand your claim right click the corners of it with a golden shovel. Players will start with a limited amount of claim blocks and gain more for actively playing on the server and attending SoW Events. Galacticraft: This mod adds a lot of ores to the pack that you'll be using to try and get to space! Remember to use your Just enough items recipe finder if you want to know how to make any item in the game. Once you escape our planet your can setup space bases, find new treasure, and discover MOON DUNGEONS!. Botania: With a focus on the nature aspect, Botania uses the flora of the land to create systems to produce energy then convert that energy into tools and features. Get started by making your Lexica Botania and following its progression path. Tinker's Construct: Follow your book "Materials and You" to find out to get more out of mining. By putting in more effort you can get more rewards. Tinker's Construct asks the player to setup large furnaces, smelteries and even tanks to contain molten metals that they can poor into mold to hand craft costumed tools and weapons. Miners will find these processes will give them larger yields for their hard work. Immersive Engineering: This mod adds new Redstone Flux-based machinery with a retro-futristic feeling to the game, and many of the machines are multi-blocked. Themed around engineering and generating power start his modpack by crafting an "Engineer's Manual". Becoming an engineer on this scale will take a lot of room and have you setting up power lines. Astral Sorcery: With patience, knowledge, and your "Journal" Astral Sorcery is a magic mod focused around harnessing the powers of starlight and the constellations. Explore and discover the world and the sky above you; focus starlight to your will, strengthening yourself or enhancing the world around you. Biblocraft & Pam's HarvestCraft: These two minor mods a lot of recipes to spruce up the players life. Biblocraft adds new ways to display and store items while Pam's harvestcraft adds many new foods to acquire that can be cooked into wonderful and effective dishes.
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    Haha sorry missed the post Here is a Couple: Me at Vatican City: On a Gondola In Venice: Stonehenge: The Palazzo Vecchio In Florence:
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    This had me rofling....
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    Sanctuary of Wanderhome Executive SUMMIT 2017 7/18/2017 - 7/21/2017 We will be having our first annual Executive (Leadership) Summit on the above dates. This summit will be for our leadership to meet face to face and build team work and camaraderie amongst each other. Your Executives will be spending almost 14 hours together each day, having fun, and visiting venues that will enhance their ability to overcome organizational challenges, embrace and create change, as well as drive organization performance. Because when the leadership works well together they are more than likely to serve your community exceptionally. Most importantly we will be scouting areas in the Greater Seattle Area for a future S.O.W SUMMIT where all members will be invited and encouraged to come and have fun with your fellow Wanderhomies. We will be posting pics and videos of the event so stay tuned! Note: During this SUMMIT we will not be having Star Citizen training or any events during this time.
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    oooh you went to all the cool things!!!!
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    The content, events, guidelines and overall purpose of the minecraft server are subject to change. Any changes that the executive team feel are significant will be announced well before the changes are made.
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    Hey, at least it won't be in the middle of our vaca :p
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    I just realized at one point in time water was my favorite drink....