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    Here we find the Aegis Penguin in its natural habitat. Hiding among it's fellow penguins to avoid being singled out and focused on due to its low hull strength.
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    Had some fun duelling IIIFox
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    Never Give Up, Never Surrender
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    Right now on Robert Space Industries you have the ability to back the game by purchasing a �Starter Pack� beginning at $45 with a basic ship. RSI has in place system to upgrade your ship purchase on their website while only paying the difference between the two ships. Even the basic Mustang can be used to farm REC (Rental Electronic Currency) in-game to rent new ships and weapons. Soon Squadron 42 will be released as a stand-alone single player experience, which is contained in some $60+ bundles or can be purchased on its own for $45. Listed below are a few good ships to take a look at. When looking at ships consider both their offensive potential and their ability to perform jobs to earn money in universe. Beds will allow players to safely log out without leaving their ship & body hanging out in the verse while they�re offline. On occasion RSI will feature special sales on ships that are not normally available as well as limited time offers for ships with lifetime insurance in-game. Buying a cheap LTI ship and upgrading it to something that might explode often can help limit your repair bills in the �Verse. At this time players always have the option to �melt� their purchase for store credit to make more informed purchases later on. Keep an eye out for those specialized ships to come back like the Hurricane, Terrapin, and prospector. The Hornet Series: Small Versatile Fighter Currently $110-$180 The Hornet series comes in a few different variants. The basic F7C Hornet default brings a turret and 3 size3 hardpoints for strong firepower. The Ghost which starts with unique armor that will be used for stealth in the �Verse. The Tracker replaces the turret for a Long Look Radar which will employ the use of scans, sensors and a command features. Both ships sacrifice a turret in comparison to The Super Hornet which features the strongest weapon options and a second seat that can be used to secure prisoners or be manned in the future by an npc and players. Overall the Hornet Series are ships that built as the boxers of dog fighters, standing their ground to trade blows with other fighters and in the verse will have important utility options. Vanguard Series: Medium Fighter Currently Unavailable ($225-$280) The Vanguard series is a medium sized fighter that comes in the variants Harbinger, Warden, Sentinel, and Hoplite. Harbinger is built to deal the most damage with a torpedo bay as its main feature. Warden is designed as the vanguard to take the most hits and the only variant to have escape pods. Sentinels will bring e-warefare tools to the fight with large server space and unique equipment for e-warefare. While Hoplite is as created to be a dropship of Sabre: Small Stealth Fighter Currently Unavailable ($170) The Sabre was designed as a space superiority fighter for those situations where you need to leave a lighter footprint. Designed to be a rapid responder, the sabre holds a large missile payload while being designed as a dedicated stealth ship. The internal components and hull of the Sabre will shield it from being detected by scans. The Sabre in alpha has been seen as the superior dueling ship but lacks the versatility in the �Verse of ships like the Hornet, Avenger, or Vanguard to perform non combat jobs. Gladiator: Small Versatile Bomber Currently Unavailable ($165) The smallest space-to-ground bombers available at the moment is the wonderful Anvil Gladiator. This tough little ship comes defaultly equipped with two pilot seats, a turret on a swivel, four Size3 missile hardpoints that you might see on everyday fighters, and four freaking size5 torpedoes designed to take down bigger ships. The Gladiator is a slow ship with slow maneuvering and will likely be seen paired with Hornets and Vanguard in a squad. The shining feature of the Gladiator is the advertised ability to change out the turret for cargo space, a tractor beam for assisting salvage efforts, stealth, or C&C module. Gladius: Small Interceptor Currently $90 The slender nimble Gladius offers pilots a high mobility ship with a small weapon loadout. This military ship can�t take too many hits but carries a hefty amount of missiles and in the a skilled pilot�s hands will never be hit. The Gladius will best be seen when in a wing with other ships to be the one to chase down, finish off, or distract an important target. 300 Series Currently $55-$70 The 300 Origin Jumpworks series was originally brought out as the luxury car of space. Its first variants were designed for exploration with the 315p starting with a jump drive. Later down the line the 350R racer was introduced but made a formidable fighter as its speed and agility made it difficult to target with a moderate weapon loadout. Overall the 300 series pilots non combat job offers while sporting a bed for long distance operations out in the verse. Avenger: Small Versatile Starter Ship Currently $50-$60 Among the smaller and less expensive ships is the Avenger series. This series comes with the utility of outfitting it�s compartment for the Stalker�s bounty bunting passenger transport, the Warlock�s EMP generator, and the Titan�s cargo container. This is not the fastest or more durable dogfighter, but skilled pilots will have little trouble making money in the �Verse with its utility and strong nose gun. Avengers also feature a bed to rest in for the �Verse. Non Combat Ships: Because Star Citizen is so expansive many pilots will find themselves acquiring resources, exploring the verse, and performing the multitude of jobs out there. Here are a few ships to take a look at for non combat rolls and multi-crew ships Freelancer Series: Exploration. Cargo. Transport. The medium size freelancers are two person crew ships that has a manned turret and the option of giving up cargo space for more missiles to defend your precious cargo. Freelancers are the pickup trucks of space that are ready for the long haul. Hull-Series: Cargo in all sizes. Without the limitation of roads or bridges haulers in space can get big. The hull series is the most extreme example from the Hull-A as a single person hauler that weighs 14,300kg without cargo to the five man crewed Hull-E weighing over 3,241,052 kg BEFORE cargo. Cutlass Red: Search and Rescue. The first response for those floating in the depths of space. The cutlass has a variant dedicated to searching for stranded or wounded pilots with an advanced radar and comes equipped with a fully operational medical bay. Constellation Series: Exploration. Cargo. Transport. Multi-function. The Constellation holds its own with a lot of firepower for its size but requires more crew to operate. Constellations can be equipped with a large amount of small missiles to pair with its two manned turrets and four gimbaled main weapons. Often tho you'll find the constellation as your money maker for those bigger and longer distance operations. Just be careful you are not spending more money running, restocking, and repairing then you receive from your time in the field.
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    Sean Tracy and Josh Herman host this week’s Around the Verse, which features an update from our German office and a Ship Shape segment focused on the Aegis Eclipse.
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    Back in ye old western times there was a revolver designed for judges. It was specially modified to fire shotgun rounds so no matter how bad their aim was they wouldn't miss. We're about to get more shotgun (scatter gun) weapons in 3.0 Star Citizen. If you can get in close you can take the shot :) Check out one of Preacher Armaments' weapons. I look forward to testing out all these new pew delivering devices when they come out!
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    An updated ships scale sheet has been floating around, some of the small ships don't look very accuracy but its a good way to get scale on the larger picture.
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    Nvidia just announced the new series of graphics cards the Volta! https://www.eteknix.com/nvidia-unveils-volta-gv100-gpu-at-gtc-2017/ Going to be a huge improvement!
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    Took me a LOT longer than I wanted. Got all the way to wave 17 at 0 death then jinxed myself. I'll get better though, thanks for all the help in the MWF practice!!!
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    Protect your computers ladies and gentlemen. ...this weekend there has been a nasty virus infected the entire planet. Update your anti-virus and malware softwares and OS etc. http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-39911385 https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2017/may/13/accidental-hero-finds-kill-switch-to-stop-spread-of-ransomware-cyber-attack
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    Chris Roberts and Rich Hilleman, a director at Amazon game studios, are working together to make Star Citizen Perfect! Definitely exciting news! You can read the article here: https://venturebeat.com/2017/05/03/chris-roberts-no-pressure-to-make-star-citizen-absolutely-perfect/
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    As a former, very avid rock climber, I can attest that these work very well in strengthening your forearms! I myself have a set of the highest tension black ones but that helps for my job as a welder, for video games the red and blue tension will do just fine. But if it gets easy feel free to move up in tension, it will only help, though you may start breaking joysticks :)
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    ATV: Connecting the Universe
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    Here is an updated and comprehensive schedule with a list of all their goals before their release of 3.0 Enjoy! https://robertsspaceindustries.com/schedule-report
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    I know there have been a couple of different lists of the "loaner ships" that are available instead of the ships we purchased. This is a really good list from RSI and it shows how for some situations there is a secondary loaner. They updated this April 17th, making it current. I was not aware of the Secondary Loaner but that does explain why, not including the monthly loaners for subscribing, sometimes the ships I have available are different
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    Chris Roberts and Sandi Gardiner share the Frankfurt studio update. Also, get some insight on the department responsible for assuring the quality of Star Citizen.
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    Yay! Space Bujutsu FTW! Now I just need to fine-tune some of my maneuvers and zero-death this.
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    The Merchantman recently went up in price from $250 to $350 and with such has also been said to be larger than originally planned. As you can see in this picture it is almost capital ship size! (see the people at the bottom) I sure am glad I bought it when it was $250 as so far it's the best price to mass ship price!
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    Nice, now get back in the mines and farm up some ore!
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    Oh interesting, thx for the share Shaw. Helps me get better at racing. ^^
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    Yes, Thanks. A lot of the things related to 3.0 seem will be ready by the fall. So we might just be a couple months off!! and @Shawkorrr They are working on your JUMP!!!
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    This is a good format. I like this.
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    This was an extremely brief look into our long history. If you would like to join a experienced organization with a rich history, a proven track record in games that have inspired Chris Roberts vision while building Star Citizen, and a community that prides itself on, not just recruiting exceptional members, but helping build exceptional members... Join us and become an integral part of the next chapter, in the history, of Sanctuary of Wanderhome.
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    The Plasma Shotgun is getting a new touch up and the Railgun was shown off in this latest around the verse. I cant wait to use that shoulder mounted high powered kinetic energy transferring rail based cannon!
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    Hmm. Well that is unfortunate. There are all sorts of ways to send things. Now you've got me curious. I'll have to check the weight & measurements (when it gets here) and see how much it would actually cost.
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    Here is my first vanduul swarm completion. I died once because Warlord ran into me like a nub.
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    Today I ate chocolate cake.... twice! Once at work and once at home It is dangerous to eat too much cake I tell yah! Soooo much sugar! Diabetes here I come! ....but it would've been worth it. Anyhow, this was my first blog entry here at the Sanctuary of Wanderhome forums. Stay tuned!
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    Last week's ATV talked a lot about lighting. One thing that was said was that there was only going to be "one sun" and not multiple suns like they had planned before. Frankly I thought that was odd and I wasn't the only one. I liked the previous concept with universes all over and multiple suns and planets. There is a current discussion going on at Spectrum in the Ask the Devs section as to what that comment actually meant. As of this posting, Devs had not responded and cleared it up though. Maybe he meant just one sun model? Given the detail they are putting into the game elsewhere, though, that seems unusual. Multiple suns would rock so I am hoping that is what we end up with.
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    Nope. Just don't have Internet at the house at the moment. I'm actually using my mom's Internet at her house on her computer. I should be back online soonish tho, and I will stop by Mumble when I do (assuming anyone is actually online). See ya then!
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    Hopefully everybody has had a chance to watch Around the Universe (ATV). If you have not, see Astrus' post for a link to it. One item that caught my eye, besides the server racks, was Buildbot. This is Buildbot., which integrates with the try-server to automate the testing. I love the idea of open-source stuff. One thing that I always dislike about packaged software is that you can't fix something you find wrong or make it better.
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    Extremely helpful post! Thank you for sharing Astrus!
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    Narrated by Forgan Mreeman!
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    Can't wait to have gatherings in that sexy thang, @WazzY !!!
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    The RailCannon looks interesting.
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    This song has been in my head for about a week, the intro at least.
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    Ok, as some of you know, I have a fibrous tumor on my left jaw bone. I've had it now for 6 years or so, and I've been told it's benign (not bad). Well, at the urging of many of my friends here, as well as my family, I started the process of doctor's visits and what-not's to have it removed, almost 6 months ago. I'm nearing the end of that journey, as I have a meeting with the doctors up at the University of North Carolina Medical Center next week to discuss the surgery. Here's what I know right now. The mass is part of the parotid gland (salivary if you will). They're not uncommon to have, and most folks are smart enough to have them dealt with when they are small. However, mine has been growing for a while, so I will have a few more complications to having it removed. The first, and most important, is that the facial nerve intersects with the tumor. So that's going to make a lengthy and delicate procedure so that I don't loose use of that nerve. Secondly, the tumor has to be removed as it is starting to cause me great pain and migraines. And lastly, believe it or not, the tumor has actually started to have me denied jobs because of it. I wanted to let everyone know what is going on, since I've been a ghost for the past few months. Between finding another job, then getting it and losing it a week later due to negligence, my luck and mental health haven't been great lately. When I find out more, I'll let you know. Now I have to find someway to pay the bills for the surgery. Ugh.
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    Need a new card and more ships... maybe if I only eat bread and drink tap water for a year...
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    So as you know negative press is often a gross exaggeration and getting them removed if often tricky under "free speech" so whenever a company is able to do so is quite a great accomplishment. Here in this article you can see how Star Citizen got some negative press scrubbed from the internet. This is a good thing because the less negative press there is, the better it is the game will succeed! Article here: https://heatst.com/gaming/huge-crowdfunded-project-star-citizen-gets-negative-articles-scrubbed-from-web/
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    It's been fun. My thanks mainly go to Astrus for all of his advice on the cleric class. He made me better by pulling me out of my comfort zone and challenging me. Admittedly, there were times when I wanted to choke his lights out, but these were usually followed by my feeling like an *butt* for doubting his motives. Success is not something come by without hard work, and the times I was most fed up were the times I was being forced to be better than I was. As a result, I am forever thankful for the time and effort invested in me by Astrus, Shawkorr, and all of the leadership of SoW. You guys are awesome and I wish you all the best. Thanks also to all of the members of SoW that made Rift fun for me. Marus
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    Dont worry about it bro lol, we are as glad as you are to be out of groups like that and are glad we have a like minded member to have in our ranks. :)
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    Our time in WoW wasnt wasted. We've met a good amount of awesome people while we were there. But we paid a good price for going to that game. We watched countless good people turn into loot whores right in front of our eyes. Did we leave because we couldnt hack it? Well, we had raid and guild leadership outside of myself that lead raids well and gave correct information to the members. Myself and others achieved feats in the game that a very low percentage of folks will ever achieve. No, we didnt leave because we couldnt hack it, but rather because of the community that we were subjected to while playing. -Racists. -Sexists. -Opportunists who joined the guild for the promise of loot but only played 15-25% as hard as the rest of us who were in there to win and progress for the guilds sake. -Malicious people who just logged into the game just to start drama. -People who were literally afraid of the game and could not play it because of that fear. -People who wasted the rest of our time in the raid, and played well only when they were yelled at or publicly ridiculed. -Uneducated Trash, whose only goal is to log in and belittle as many people as they can. -Emotionally unstable people who could not deal w/ any sort of criticism, polite or otherwise. ....the above kinds of people can be found anywhere in the world, but most of us here try and steer clear from these people w/ any of the above combinations of traits. But what if 9/10 people you meet have most if not all of those traits in blue? Would you enjoy that particular community? You probably wouldnt and that is where SoW found itself every month in Illidan. And the game itself bred these types of people. In World of Warcraft the only thing you kept during the life of your account that was material were your mounts and non-combat pets. Gear was everything and people would do anything and everything to get that gear. As far as competition is concerned, I never felt like it was Us vs. Evolution, or Us vs. Shards of Existence, or Us vs. Hoax, or Us vs. Hateforge, or Us vs. Rockn Roll Hoochie Coo. It always felt like it was Us vs. Blizzard We are a guild focused on community, that plays hard when its time to play hard. Blizzard wanted us to all play hard using as much time as our RL's would allow or disperse and find others who could devote a large majority of their life to the game. We did well trying to stay community focused, but Blizzard's game always stressed and tested our mettle, not as gamers but as dignified people. We always did things in a manner that would allow us to experience all facets of the game while trying not to be too imposing. But the game literally would not allow us to do that, and in turn slowly started to create the cesspool of fickle people described above in blue. People that sometimes we tolerated in our guild because "we needed to make sure the raids could run for the week". Ive seen good natured really cool people turn into loot addict, crack whore-esque, people right before my eyes, while playing this game. ...and watching people I thought were good people change like that, effectively started changing me and the way I looked at newcomers to our guild. In WoW, you were "a lootwhore until proven otherwise" when you entered our guild. And after 100's of lootwhores passed through our gates, we were more than justified in our thought process in that manner. I didnt notice how complacent we had become w/ that thought process until we started recruiting in Star Trek Onine. We immediately met awesome people when we started recruiting in STO. Intelligent, personable people. It normally takes 100-200 recruits on Illidan to find ONE, yes ONE of these types of folks....and weve met at least 5 while recruiting IN BETA. We leave WoW with a clear conscious and we log into a game and log into a community that feels like a breath of fresh air compared to Illidan. Can you believe that the people in STO actually give us RESPECT for being a 7 year old guild??!?!?! Amazing Right?! For a second there I thought running a guild that has a community OLDER than the game we play was irrelevant. No more Anal jokes, no more nig***r this and that.........yes, like a breath of fresh air. ********************* So.....F*** World of Warcraft, and least importantly f*** every single one of you that tried to ruin our guild while we were there. You failed, and were laughably horrible at what you tried to do. You had absolutely no chance in hell yet you thought you could destroy us. You just werent nearly smart enough, and you totally underestimated our resilience. So with all that said, Ill end this with a msg to Blizzard and the Haters... " POP OFF BITCHES" ....WE BACK IN OUTER SPAY-CE!!!