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    Sean Tracy and Josh Herman host this week’s Around the Verse, which features an update from our German office and a Ship Shape segment focused on the Aegis Eclipse.
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    Back in ye old western times there was a revolver designed for judges. It was specially modified to fire shotgun rounds so no matter how bad their aim was they wouldn't miss. We're about to get more shotgun (scatter gun) weapons in 3.0 Star Citizen. If you can get in close you can take the shot :) Check out one of Preacher Armaments' weapons. I look forward to testing out all these new pew delivering devices when they come out!
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    An updated ships scale sheet has been floating around, some of the small ships don't look very accuracy but its a good way to get scale on the larger picture.
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    Nvidia just announced the new series of graphics cards the Volta! https://www.eteknix.com/nvidia-unveils-volta-gv100-gpu-at-gtc-2017/ Going to be a huge improvement!
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    Took me a LOT longer than I wanted. Got all the way to wave 17 at 0 death then jinxed myself. I'll get better though, thanks for all the help in the MWF practice!!!
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    Protect your computers ladies and gentlemen. ...this weekend there has been a nasty virus infected the entire planet. Update your anti-virus and malware softwares and OS etc. http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-39911385 https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2017/may/13/accidental-hero-finds-kill-switch-to-stop-spread-of-ransomware-cyber-attack
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    Chris Roberts and Rich Hilleman, a director at Amazon game studios, are working together to make Star Citizen Perfect! Definitely exciting news! You can read the article here: https://venturebeat.com/2017/05/03/chris-roberts-no-pressure-to-make-star-citizen-absolutely-perfect/
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    As a former, very avid rock climber, I can attest that these work very well in strengthening your forearms! I myself have a set of the highest tension black ones but that helps for my job as a welder, for video games the red and blue tension will do just fine. But if it gets easy feel free to move up in tension, it will only help, though you may start breaking joysticks :)
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    ATV: Connecting the Universe
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    Here is an updated and comprehensive schedule with a list of all their goals before their release of 3.0 Enjoy! https://robertsspaceindustries.com/schedule-report
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    I know there have been a couple of different lists of the "loaner ships" that are available instead of the ships we purchased. This is a really good list from RSI and it shows how for some situations there is a secondary loaner. They updated this April 17th, making it current. I was not aware of the Secondary Loaner but that does explain why, not including the monthly loaners for subscribing, sometimes the ships I have available are different
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    Chris Roberts and Sandi Gardiner share the Frankfurt studio update. Also, get some insight on the department responsible for assuring the quality of Star Citizen.
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    Oh interesting, thx for the share Shaw. Helps me get better at racing. ^^
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    Here is the latest known map of the SC universe. A little something to get an idea of how big this game will be!
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    Earlier this week, CIG asked on Twitter what adventures we hope to find on the dark side of the moon.
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    I was disappointed to hear it sounds like they are intent on keeping with the 1-sun idea. I just think that makes the universe seem smaller even if it is huge.
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    That's not my shotgun. If a human can carry it then its not big enough for what I plan to destroy ;)
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    Last week's ATV talked a lot about lighting. One thing that was said was that there was only going to be "one sun" and not multiple suns like they had planned before. Frankly I thought that was odd and I wasn't the only one. I liked the previous concept with universes all over and multiple suns and planets. There is a current discussion going on at Spectrum in the Ask the Devs section as to what that comment actually meant. As of this posting, Devs had not responded and cleared it up though. Maybe he meant just one sun model? Given the detail they are putting into the game elsewhere, though, that seems unusual. Multiple suns would rock so I am hoping that is what we end up with.
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    Happy Birthday Sandi Gardiner !!! Sanctuary wishes you a wonderful day with family and friends.
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    Oh cool! I like her.
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    https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/engineering/15921-Q-A-Aegis-Eclipse ^^^ Here is a link to the latest Q&A featuring the Eclipse!
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    The gold metal hull not only makes it look nice. It also makes it easier to track by scanners, metal under laser fire, more conductive to EMPs, and will rip off if you bump anything even slightly! Buy yours today!
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    So as stated in this article: https://www.neowin.net/news/star-citizen-hits-150-million-in-crowd-funding Star Citizen has hit $150 in crowdfunding. Good to see that people are still buying ships!
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    The training is paying off!
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    I'm surprised nobody posted this video yet but I did a search and didn't find it here. The trick to having this sound like the musical equivalent of bath salts and not just weak techno is to launch it in 2 tabs; start one in the middle and at the same time the other one starts at the beginning. Or have I just had too much coffee/sugar hybrid liquid beverage combo? I have never been a fan of pot noodles, top ramen or those instant cups of soup things as they have a negative nutritional value and pretty much all taste like packaging with salt (regardless of what the purported flavor is). But sometimes they just hit the spot.
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    Nope. Just don't have Internet at the house at the moment. I'm actually using my mom's Internet at her house on her computer. I should be back online soonish tho, and I will stop by Mumble when I do (assuming anyone is actually online). See ya then!
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    ooooh ty for the head's up. I will be needing a new card eventually 1060 is just too limited.
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    Hosts Eric Kieron Davis and Kirk Tome share a look at player interaction and get an update from the Manchester studio.
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    This may be a good option for people who just cant kick the Keyboard but may still want more range of control from their ship.
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    Updated post: I first joined SoW in June of 2005. At the time, we were all playing Star Wars Galaxies on the Wanderhome server. I had a difficult time finding the right group to play with, as there were a lot of haters and griefers in that game. I got tired of being around all the negativity so I went unguilded and didn’t really play with other people. I got a recruitment tell from Shaw but was leery and spent a few days observing the guild before actually getting involved. They seemed like a fun group and far more mature than the group I had just left. I ended up playing with them for years, proudly serving side by side in various battles. Unfortunately we split ways when the game ended and they went on to play World of Warcraft, a game I had no interest in at that time. I tried playing with some other people I knew in a dozen or so other games but the support and camaraderie just was not there. I actually took a hiatus from gaming for several years and moved around the county for work. Occasionally I got a Tweet or email from one of the guys but we lost touch for a couple of years. Then in 2016, I got an email from Shaw and he was talking about this new space game they were now playing. I remembered how much fun I had with them and how much I like them as people. I stopped by the RSI website & SoW forum to check it out in October of 2016 and haven't been able to put Star Citizen down since. It is great to be back with fun people I care about and know I can trust and learn from.
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    With any video game we play we mainly use our wrist/hand/figure muscles to play the game, buuuut... all that the raw power comes from the connected muscles in our forearm. As a result we can keep our forearms strong and our moments more steady/controlled on our mouse/joystick with a simple plastic & spring combo. Amazon has a pretty cheap and durable set of grips with a few levels of strength. When ever I walk around the house or am on a call i'm always making my muscles more durable with one of these. Keep thinking forward, don't let future you kick current you in the butt for not thinking about your physical health!
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    Sorry did you say "start" breaking joy sticks? ahahahaa
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    The bigger question is .... What the actual FRELL does TMNT have to do with Star Citizen?
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    /r/starcitizen reaches 100k subscribers! Excellent achievement. Now get to 1mill
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    And just wait until the game comes out. That is a lot of people.
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    Hopefully everybody has had a chance to watch Around the Universe (ATV). If you have not, see Astrus' post for a link to it. One item that caught my eye, besides the server racks, was Buildbot. This is Buildbot., which integrates with the try-server to automate the testing. I love the idea of open-source stuff. One thing that I always dislike about packaged software is that you can't fix something you find wrong or make it better.
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    Prospector would work.
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    Dont worry about it bro lol, we are as glad as you are to be out of groups like that and are glad we have a like minded member to have in our ranks. :)
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    Our time in WoW wasnt wasted. We've met a good amount of awesome people while we were there. But we paid a good price for going to that game. We watched countless good people turn into loot whores right in front of our eyes. Did we leave because we couldnt hack it? Well, we had raid and guild leadership outside of myself that lead raids well and gave correct information to the members. Myself and others achieved feats in the game that a very low percentage of folks will ever achieve. No, we didnt leave because we couldnt hack it, but rather because of the community that we were subjected to while playing. -Racists. -Sexists. -Opportunists who joined the guild for the promise of loot but only played 15-25% as hard as the rest of us who were in there to win and progress for the guilds sake. -Malicious people who just logged into the game just to start drama. -People who were literally afraid of the game and could not play it because of that fear. -People who wasted the rest of our time in the raid, and played well only when they were yelled at or publicly ridiculed. -Uneducated Trash, whose only goal is to log in and belittle as many people as they can. -Emotionally unstable people who could not deal w/ any sort of criticism, polite or otherwise. ....the above kinds of people can be found anywhere in the world, but most of us here try and steer clear from these people w/ any of the above combinations of traits. But what if 9/10 people you meet have most if not all of those traits in blue? Would you enjoy that particular community? You probably wouldnt and that is where SoW found itself every month in Illidan. And the game itself bred these types of people. In World of Warcraft the only thing you kept during the life of your account that was material were your mounts and non-combat pets. Gear was everything and people would do anything and everything to get that gear. As far as competition is concerned, I never felt like it was Us vs. Evolution, or Us vs. Shards of Existence, or Us vs. Hoax, or Us vs. Hateforge, or Us vs. Rockn Roll Hoochie Coo. It always felt like it was Us vs. Blizzard We are a guild focused on community, that plays hard when its time to play hard. Blizzard wanted us to all play hard using as much time as our RL's would allow or disperse and find others who could devote a large majority of their life to the game. We did well trying to stay community focused, but Blizzard's game always stressed and tested our mettle, not as gamers but as dignified people. We always did things in a manner that would allow us to experience all facets of the game while trying not to be too imposing. But the game literally would not allow us to do that, and in turn slowly started to create the cesspool of fickle people described above in blue. People that sometimes we tolerated in our guild because "we needed to make sure the raids could run for the week". Ive seen good natured really cool people turn into loot addict, crack whore-esque, people right before my eyes, while playing this game. ...and watching people I thought were good people change like that, effectively started changing me and the way I looked at newcomers to our guild. In WoW, you were "a lootwhore until proven otherwise" when you entered our guild. And after 100's of lootwhores passed through our gates, we were more than justified in our thought process in that manner. I didnt notice how complacent we had become w/ that thought process until we started recruiting in Star Trek Onine. We immediately met awesome people when we started recruiting in STO. Intelligent, personable people. It normally takes 100-200 recruits on Illidan to find ONE, yes ONE of these types of folks....and weve met at least 5 while recruiting IN BETA. We leave WoW with a clear conscious and we log into a game and log into a community that feels like a breath of fresh air compared to Illidan. Can you believe that the people in STO actually give us RESPECT for being a 7 year old guild??!?!?! Amazing Right?! For a second there I thought running a guild that has a community OLDER than the game we play was irrelevant. No more Anal jokes, no more nig***r this and that.........yes, like a breath of fresh air. ********************* So.....F*** World of Warcraft, and least importantly f*** every single one of you that tried to ruin our guild while we were there. You failed, and were laughably horrible at what you tried to do. You had absolutely no chance in hell yet you thought you could destroy us. You just werent nearly smart enough, and you totally underestimated our resilience. So with all that said, Ill end this with a msg to Blizzard and the Haters... " POP OFF BITCHES" ....WE BACK IN OUTER SPAY-CE!!!