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    Sanctuary Of Wanderhome has a Modded Minecraft Server! Alongside SoW's normal rules read these guidelines before you join. -Post your minecraft Username in this thread to be added to whitelist. -If you experience any issues with other players or the server send a private message to Kakon on the forums. -Respect other players. Avoid building too close to another player without their permission and don't be a jerk -Respect the server. Avoid creating any machines or systems that will cause lag on the server. How to Connect! Step 1: Head over to Technic Launcher Download and download the Technic Launcher. This launcher will be in use instead of minecraft.exe when you wish to join the modded server. Step 2: Launch your TechnicLauncher.Exe and Log in with your normal minecraft username and password. Step 3 Under the launcher options (located in top right corner of launcher) nagivate to the java settings tab and allocate some memory for minecraft to use. The recommended minimum amount is 4 GB. Step 4: Navigate to the ModPacks and enter the search bar http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/sanctuary-of-wanderhome Step 5: Hit the install button. You are now ready to use the modpack! Step 6: Click Multiplayer and join the Sanctuary of Wanderhome Server! Getting Started When a user first logs in they will be greeted by Sanctuary Base. The original home base built up by Shawkorrr and Astrus years ago. This HomeBase will serve as a host for server events and server shops. While everyone (Including everyone from the old server) are starting from scratch, we keep these projects around as a demonstration of our collaborative effort we can achieve! After checking out the sites its time to head out and start a new. Players can request to join already established people or create their own new homes. Avoid building too close to Sanctuary Base as it will be host to events, stay around 100 blocks away from its borders. The first chest you place down on the server will try to claim that land as yours! Using the AntiGriefing Mod. You are now ready to explore the books that put your on the progression path for one of our core mods. Speaking of mods here is a quick setup for how to get started with our major mods: Just Enough Items: Your inventory has been modified to show all the items available in game. Mousing over any item and pressing Default R will show you the recipe to build and and pressing Default U will show you what it can build into. This will help in figuring out how to achieve any item in any mod pack. The inventory overlay can be toggled on/off with Default Ctrl O. AntiGriefing: The first chest you place down will claim the land as your own. Claimed land can not be altered, interfered with, or stolen from in any way by other players. Players have access to a list of commands to modify how they use their land. Most commonly used among them are the Trust Commands that let other players have permission to use your plot. To check the borders of a claim simply right click the block while holding a stick. When you want to expand your claim right click the corners of it with a golden shovel. Players will start with a limited amount of claim blocks and gain more for actively playing on the server and attending SoW Events. Galacticraft: This mod adds a lot of ores to the pack that you'll be using to try and get to space! Remember to use your Just enough items recipe finder if you want to know how to make any item in the game. Once you escape our planet your can setup space bases, find new treasure, and discover MOON DUNGEONS!. Botania: With a focus on the nature aspect, Botania uses the flora of the land to create systems to produce energy then convert that energy into tools and features. Get started by making your Lexica Botania and following its progression path. Tinker's Construct: Follow your book "Materials and You" to find out to get more out of mining. By putting in more effort you can get more rewards. Tinker's Construct asks the player to setup large furnaces, smelteries and even tanks to contain molten metals that they can poor into mold to hand craft costumed tools and weapons. Miners will find these processes will give them larger yields for their hard work. Immersive Engineering: This mod adds new Redstone Flux-based machinery with a retro-futristic feeling to the game, and many of the machines are multi-blocked. Themed around engineering and generating power start his modpack by crafting an "Engineer's Manual". Becoming an engineer on this scale will take a lot of room and have you setting up power lines. Astral Sorcery: With patience, knowledge, and your "Journal" Astral Sorcery is a magic mod focused around harnessing the powers of starlight and the constellations. Explore and discover the world and the sky above you; focus starlight to your will, strengthening yourself or enhancing the world around you. Biblocraft & Pam's HarvestCraft: These two minor mods a lot of recipes to spruce up the players life. Biblocraft adds new ways to display and store items while Pam's harvestcraft adds many new foods to acquire that can be cooked into wonderful and effective dishes.
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    Haha sorry missed the post Here is a Couple: Me at Vatican City: On a Gondola In Venice: Stonehenge: The Palazzo Vecchio In Florence:
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    Hmm we might really have smuggling in 3.0? I'm watching this weeks ATV and I am hearing Brian Chambers talk about Levski. He says they are putting the final touches on the customs checkpoint and making it "...ultimately hard for players to smuggle in unwanted goods". Hard but not impossible. The 3.0 Production Schedule has listed smuggling as one of the possible outcomes from mission givers. But the Levski development makes it sound more like it is actually really going to happen. Super excited about this!! I've played other games that promised smuggling but never really delivered an experience that met my expectations. Why so excited about smuggling? I am an RPing PVEr at heart who really loves putting one over on the AI.
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    This had me rofling....
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    Sanctuary of Wanderhome Executive SUMMIT 2017 7/18/2017 - 7/21/2017 We will be having our first annual Executive (Leadership) Summit on the above dates. This summit will be for our leadership to meet face to face and build team work and camaraderie amongst each other. Your Executives will be spending almost 14 hours together each day, having fun, and visiting venues that will enhance their ability to overcome organizational challenges, embrace and create change, as well as drive organization performance. Because when the leadership works well together they are more than likely to serve your community exceptionally. Most importantly we will be scouting areas in the Greater Seattle Area for a future S.O.W SUMMIT where all members will be invited and encouraged to come and have fun with your fellow Wanderhomies. We will be posting pics and videos of the event so stay tuned! Note: During this SUMMIT we will not be having Star Citizen training or any events during this time.
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    oooh you went to all the cool things!!!!
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    The content, events, guidelines and overall purpose of the minecraft server are subject to change. Any changes that the executive team feel are significant will be announced well before the changes are made.
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    Hey, at least it won't be in the middle of our vaca :p
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    So um one of your dogs basically stole my boat. I didn't put him in it either I swear lol. No clue how he got in there. I included the coords in case you need to go retrieve him.
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    YouTuber BoredGamerUK is one of my more favorite super-fans of SC. He took a studio tour and blogged about it and reported back on some questions he asked them while he was there. "There is still a reputation system for criminality & good guy bad guy, BUT you’ll no longer constantly spawn just at Olisar & GrimHex, there is a lot more locations & you’ll spawn back in where you were". I think that will be especially interesting as one thing I don't like about the current game-play is the inability to pickup where you left off. In other games, especially Star Wars Galaxies, logging back in where I logged out made me extremely happy. In and out of the game, I am not much of a commuter so if I can stay where I want to be without having to travel all the way back, awesome. Time will tell how game-play will truly be, but this was an encouraging report.
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    My aim in this post is to help anyone making the transition over to joysticks for the first time, or for veterans of the peripheral hardware to have more tools in their kit to be able to identify and fix their joysticks. As always with these kind of to-do/troubleshooting posts your input is greatly appreciated. Be it how things worked for you good or bad, things I could add to this or that you want to know more about. I will be happy to look into anything concerning joystick calibration and testing. That being said here is my post on Calibrating and testing joysticks for Star Citizen. (Or any game that uses a joystick). Joystick calibration and testing Calibrating in Star Citizen Star Citizen has a pretty good joystick calibration in its options menu that allows you to adjust dead zones on the different axis according to your preferences. It can be found through the “Options” button at the bottom of the main screen of the game. Click “Controls” at the top of the screen then be sure to click at the bottom right of the screen to go to “Joystick/HOTAS” and from there you will see all the options the game has to offer for customizing your controls in game. It is important to make a backup of your settings, in the event they get wiped on a big patch or any hardware failures. Dead Zones A dead zone is an area on your Joystick where nothing will happen when moved inside it. These usually need to be very small as the bigger you make your dead zones the harder is it to finely control your ship. The reason being is that, for example, say the Joystick moves an entire inch from center to the edge. Adjusting your dead zone makes the power scale smaller so basically you will go faster much more quickly which can make using some maneuvers more difficult as they can require less powerful movements. On the other hand though, a small deadzone is good and I would argue needed so as you can rest your hand on the joystick and not move your ship if you were say standing still to hide behind something, or landing. Calibration with Windows It’s always a good idea to start off with Windows calibration tool. It will say “controllers” but it will still help calibrate your Joystick. The way to open up the controller calibration is: Hold the Windows key and tap R (then let up on both keys). In the Run dialog, type "joy.cpl" without quotes on the "Open" line and click OK. Choose the controller you wish to calibrate and and click Properties. You will see a screen where you can see button presses and axis movements. Click the Settings tab up top and then click Calibrate. Run through the entire wizard and see if the issue's resolved. Here is a video link on how to calibrate your Joystick with Windows. Fairly simple process and from what I’ve read about it, it is best to run it 2-3 times to help calibrate it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xq6ZqzRnDLc Diagnosing issues with your Joystick Now for some of y’all this may not work too great for you so I have gathered up a few resources to help you diagnose and calibrate your Joystick: http://www.planetpointy.co.uk/joystick-test-application/ this is planet pointy, it’s pretty simple and easy to use and supports joysticks with 8 axis 4 POV and 128 buttons. It will let you see if your movements and buttons are working on your joystick. You can also see if the calibration is registering properly by applying different pressures to the stick to see that it moves accordingly. We have used this program and have found it very useful and discovered some slight changes needed in our own joysticks. These are a couple more testing software programs out there, all pretty simple in design and do the same thing but just in case planet pointy does not work I thought I would give you a few options. http://www.softpedia.com/get/System/System-Miscellaneous/Joystick-Tester.shtml http://www.freewarefiles.com/Joystick-Tester_program_33788.html Keyboard emulators In the off chance none of these work, there are programs that will allow you to use game controllers to emulate the keyboard and mouse input, so that Windows applications and web games can be controlled with your favorite joysticks! Whenever joystick buttons and sticks are pressed, JoyToKey converts them into keyboard strokes and/or mouse movements so that the target application will work as if you are using a real keyboard and a mouse. This can be helpful if your Joystick isn’t working properly with the game as this can make your computer think it is a keyboard/mouse. It can be found here: http://joytokey.net/en/ Joystick Maintenance A very important thing with your joystick is keeping up on maintenance. It is important because where you think your joystick is going out of calibration it could in fact just need to be re-greased. The important thing to remember for most all joysticks you will need to use silicon based grease and not oil. Through all the research I have done enough people say that you can apply grease to just the top of the joystick and move it around to help spread it out. However for those of you who want to apply it the best and to some of the other moving parts not accessible through the top you will need to take it apart and apply it. In our forums we recommend to use the Thrustmaster T16000 and it is what I and all the leaders use so, it also seems from talking with fellow Star Citizens about their setups the T16000 is a very popular brand. Which is why I am linking below a video for how to take apart and manually re grease a T16000 and just kind of show how one goes about re greasing. I recommend watching till the end because he goes over which grease to use and mistakes he has heard others make. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYX3Wfea524 Joystick Curves (Advanced players recommended) So first off what is a Joystick Curve? Joystick response curves are represented as a curve on a graph, where X is the physical position of a joystick axis and Y the actual input on it. Basically changing how fast your joystick in game catches up to your physical joystick. Star Citizen does in fact have the option to adjust your joystick curves in its control options I mentioned above. However I discovered this article here in the CiG guide section of the old forums that explains how to adjust the curves within Star Citizen. Now on the off chance the Star Citizen in game controls do not work I have a video here that explains very well how joystick curves work. It is a really good video and uses this software here to adjust his curve in game. He is using Elite dangerous but it can work in Star Citizen. Other helpful Videos I have a list here of some more helpful videos mostly Star Citizen based that I have found for other Joysticks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZ_BcrE-REk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6oKMw4wUR38 - these are videos for people using a Logitech Joystick I have not had to use this software myself but i have it saved for the future if I have a Joystick that does not work I can program it myself.
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    Here's my (tentative) schedule for streaming. Subject to changes. Be sure to follow my social media for updates/changes. Saturday 4pm-8pm Sunday's 3-8pm Games: S.O.S. (I have an alpha trial) APB:Reloaded Minecraft (modded) American Truck Simulator European Truck Simulator Squadd.io (browser game) And others. Seems that Sunday's are the only days I can do it right now since I have to be available the other days. Twitter: https://twitter.com/zhivotnoya Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SasquatchTrucker/?pnref=lhc (I might create a more game geared FB page, dunno yet) Well, signing off for now. Gotta be up at 5:30am. Got stuff to do tomorrow.
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    Derp. Forgot it was Saturday. Oh well, I can stream tomorrow.
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    In the wonderful realm of video games there are such things as "Hit Boxes" which determines if your projectile hits them or not. So remember when your target's ship has holes in it to aim carefully or your projectile may pass right through it!
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    Chris Roberts and Sandi Gardiner host this week’s episode, which features an update from Austin and Turbulent. Plus, it explores some of the cool ship effects, like engine trails, being worked on by our VFX team.
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    *sigh* if I could have the job I have now but in Austin I never would have moved from there. Speaking of Turbulent , the one guy used to post a lot on Spectrum but come to think of it I haven't seen him for a few days.
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    Right? I figured he was already there too but he wasn't. Harrison Ford 6801 Hollywood Blvd. Carrie Fisher=no Alex Guinness 1559 Vine Street
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    Oh cool. Have you seen that Shaw? I think I saw part of it as a kid but it has been added to a lot since then.
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    So I have slowly but surely been getting into tabletop gaming and one thing I have noticed was for some there are a lot of pieces involved in them. Oddly enough at the start of June this was launched on kickstarter and has a major success in funding. Including myself, I bought the crimson, and am eager to get in in and test it out at the next tabletop function I go to! Link is here, currently has a few days left to get it at cheaper than retail price: link to kickstarter here
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    Yeah I look forward to having fun with this.
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    Its interesting that these small bikes are gonna be combat ready and even fight in races.
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    The ringing in my ears. No really. When it's super quiet, the intensity of my tinnitus makes itself known. When I'm not listening to the ringing, usually something along these lines:
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    I got the Nox Kue , the silver looking one.
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    I just realized at one point in time water was my favorite drink....