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    Yay! Space Bujutsu FTW! Now I just need to fine-tune some of my maneuvers and zero-death this.
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    The torpedo is a veracious predictor. Here we see it tracking a plump Herald ripe with electromagnetic signatures. The torpedo can smell electricity in space from over 4000 meters away and will chase a target for minutes on end... Here we see the gracious torpedo circling its target to confuse it, probing for the best location to attack, and getting ready to deliver the killing blow. This is a PSA for all pilots out there flying in torpedo territory... Keep sight on asteroids to hide behind, side step the torpedo and let its speed carry it past you so you can get to safety, and never give up no matter how many times it circles around.
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    Chris Roberts and Sandi Gardiner host today's episode, which features a UK studio update and part two of our feature on how Item 2.0 affects ships.
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    Though they seem to have added more, 3.0 is being delayed another month to the end of July. I posted the picture below and the link to the full details is here: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/schedule-report
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    The Cutlass may be a ways off but I can see 80% of our members all leaving the starting zone in Cutlasses, Vanguards, and all those big ships some people care about.
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    Learn how the implementation of Item 2.0 will affect your ship. Sandi Gardiner and Eric Kieron Davis host this week’s episode, which also features studio updates from Austin and Turbulent.
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    Here is the latest known map of the SC universe. A little something to get an idea of how big this game will be!
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    Back in ye old western times there was a revolver designed for judges. It was specially modified to fire shotgun rounds so no matter how bad their aim was they wouldn't miss. We're about to get more shotgun (scatter gun) weapons in 3.0 Star Citizen. If you can get in close you can take the shot :) Check out one of Preacher Armaments' weapons. I look forward to testing out all these new pew delivering devices when they come out!
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    Sean Tracy and Josh Herman host this week’s Around the Verse, which features an update from our German office and a Ship Shape segment focused on the Aegis Eclipse.
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    An updated ships scale sheet has been floating around, some of the small ships don't look very accuracy but its a good way to get scale on the larger picture.
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    So I came across this the other day and was curious about it's applications in gaming, but mostly Star Citizen. It is a vertical mouse where your hand rests more upright. I'm sure it is rather comfortable but I think this could be a good thing for people who want to dual joystick, yet still get the accuracy of a mouse, as this sits a bit like a joystick. If it had a few more buttons I would consider buying it. https://fanduco.com/products/ergonomic-vertical-mouse
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    Not too bad., right? It took over an hour because I had to let his royal highness The Dog out for a bit. Twice. Where's my icon bros? I'm pretty sure there is a badge for this lol.
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    From what I read, Kythera is the company currently working on the Artificial intelligence for Star Citizen. However I am seeming a pattern with RSI changing things up (such as switching from Crytek's Cryengine to Amazon's Lumberyard). So when I read about a new AI company Element AI opening up in Canada with massive funding behind it, I can't help but wonder if Kythera might be next to go. Apparently Element are very ambitious.
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    Yeah hopefully they can get 2.0 working as intended. I am very much looking forward to the ability to grab and move items.
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    Oh interesting about the 20% raise.
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    "In the UK companies finances are by default public. Some cool insights. Foundry 42 Ltd met their deadline and filed their accounts for the year ended 31 December 2016. There's a lot in there but here's some highlights. It seems HMRC are actually paying over those tax credits now. Up to £3.6m for 2016 and around £8m total in the three years to 31 December 2016. Shame. I'd say it's now correct to add £8m to their funding figure of ~$150m. They disclosed the lease is ~£250k per year. ~5 years left to run. Average employees were 221 with £10m total wages in 2016 (132 @ £6m in 2015). Erin's remuneration in F42 rose from £193k to £236k including benefits. Solid 20% raise for all the successful work on SQ42. Total costs were up to ~£17.5m for the year (~£14.5m in 2015)." Full accounts in the link below https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/08703814/filing-history
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    Ah ok well I'd rather wait and have it be more-prefect than have it be out and need immediate adjustment.
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    yeah I saw that too!
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    Patch Notes: Spectrum Alpha 0.3.5 - Release Notes (2017-06-09) New Features New User Forums Settings! You can now select your preference for how threads are sorted (hot, last-activity, top, new) in channels via the Settings. You can now select your preferred thread view mode (nested, classic) via the Settings. You can now select your preference for how thread replies are sorted (top, new, old) via the Settings. The forum category default sort setting has been removed and is replaced by a user-specific setting. The thread type chosen in previous Spectrum versions has been replaced by a user-specific setting pair (sort and view mode) Threads will now persist your preferred view mode and sort if you change it from your user-specific setting. A new forum category level setting allow you to enforce that threads must be created with a tag. Roles: Community admins can now set specific roles to be tracked for display in the threads list Forums: Threads list will now indicate which threads contain posts made using tracked roles in that community (Staff posts will be marked in the SC public community) Forums: You can now bookmark forum tags directly to your sidebar! Forums: You can now browse the tags available for each forum category and community index Bookmarks: You can now edit your bookmark aliases by visiting the "Manage Bookmarks" view. Search: New filters are now available to search by author and role within your communities. Improvements Categories: Improvements to the forum category threads list to include yellow unread markers in a tighter interface Categories: More responsive layout for threads list on thinner window sizes Categories: Major improvements in loading speeds for forum category thread listing Threads: Spectrum now tracks if you read each reply in a thread and will display a yellow unread marker to indicate a reply you have never read Threads: Spectrum will now properly propagate the OpenGraph images if a thread has a media preview when using permalinks Search: UI is now available also on mobile and tablet size displays Lobby: Presences are now rendered using virtual lists to allow fast display of large groups (no more: Too many users to display) Emoji: Data set was upgraded to include Unicode 9 / Emoji 4 Bug Fixes Spectrum no longer tries to apply style on link, emoji and mention entities Sidebar: Communities are no longer partially obscured when the list is expanded Lobby: Inline styles are now allowed within /me command Lobby: Ensure the message is saved after editing even if only the styles where modified Lobby: Fixed issue that prevented using up arrow to edit the last message a second time Threads: Posting a reply to a thread will now properly mark the thread as read up to your reply. Threads: New reply bar will now properly update once a thread is read fully Forum: Editing a thread OP or reply no longer resets the thread last-activity in the category Categories: Fixed misbehaving navigation bar and sticky header on iOS Categories: Fixed sort selector rendering on Internet Explorer Embed: GIPHY is now a supported .gifv source Search: You are no longer obligated to provide a search term for results to be fetched Image modal should now be centered properly on mobile screens Known Issues The search indexer is currently re-indexing all messages to fix a problem with badly reported authors. It should be done in the next hour!
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    I have said it in mumble, but I want to let everyone know I will be gone from June 14th till the 28th. Going on a trip to Italy.
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    Last week's ATV talked a lot about lighting. One thing that was said was that there was only going to be "one sun" and not multiple suns like they had planned before. Frankly I thought that was odd and I wasn't the only one. I liked the previous concept with universes all over and multiple suns and planets. There is a current discussion going on at Spectrum in the Ask the Devs section as to what that comment actually meant. As of this posting, Devs had not responded and cleared it up though. Maybe he meant just one sun model? Given the detail they are putting into the game elsewhere, though, that seems unusual. Multiple suns would rock so I am hoping that is what we end up with.
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    Have a nice time WazzY :)
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    So Gigabyte just launched a new external graphics card for laptops that may make gaming on a laptop affordable and viable. http://www.pcgamer.com/gigabyte-may-have-finally-made-an-external-graphics-enclosure-practical-and-affordable/ Here is the link and without a laptop myself I can't test it but it seems pretty promising!
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    Yea rattlers are pretty easy to handle once you figure them out
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    I was invited to Sanctuary of Wanderhome back in December 19th, 2006 in Westfall of World of Warcraft. I had previously rejected most of the guild invites but that one time I thought why not and boy am i happy today that I didn't hit decline. I was young, I had never been part of an online community but now my goals were intertwined with friends who over the years would come to help shape my sense of humor and the way I approach all challenges. Back in the Warcraft days I considered myself a novice, which lead to me being anxious about hanging out with the experienced folks when I was asked to help fill a slot for a guild raid. I did the best I could and asked a lot of questions. Over the next few years I went from a snobby kid to that kid you go to for anything you need. The core of SoW's administration rewarded all my effort and gave me room to grow until I was leading the expeditions into the tombs of horrors and terrible beasties. I would end up being surrounded by intelligent people who cared for me. It didn't matter where we went just as long as we all played together and in the end of the Warcraft Days I was so hyped to join my friends in the new Adventure of Star Trek online. Our group of intelligent people who wanted to put in the effort dominated the game. We produced content both silly and helpful for the community. I was going through some emotionally draining times when I made one of the biggest mistakes of my life. I burned the bridges of my best friends, people who cared for me, because I was weak. I spent years regretting that choice. One day it came down to "I can never make it up to them, but i'd like to see the old stomping grounds again" and I rejoined the games that had my old friends in it. We created again, made wonderful things that can compete with the top. I will keep putting effort into SoW because i care about this community and the people in it. Joining Sanctuary of Wanderhome was the best thing that ever happened to me. It taught me, it keeps teaching me, and it'll only get better!
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    Well, they are nice. I have one I am looking forward to using. I like my Hornet but the Cutlass looks like a better ride.
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    Ok now I am happy: Nav Beacons!!!!!
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    Earlier this week, CIG asked on Twitter what adventures we hope to find on the dark side of the moon.
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    They need to start having some more teaser trailers with a bit more substance. It seems like the few they have released now have fallen a bit short. Atleast in my opinion.
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    Stop Criminal Scum, you are carrying size 3 weapons in a size 2 zone without a registered ship. Halt or we will begin the preaching. *Gun clicking noise*
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    I was disappointed to hear it sounds like they are intent on keeping with the 1-sun idea. I just think that makes the universe seem smaller even if it is huge.
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    Interesting. Which moon did they mean?Yelin?
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    That's not my shotgun. If a human can carry it then its not big enough for what I plan to destroy ;)
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    Happy Birthday Sandi Gardiner !!! Sanctuary wishes you a wonderful day with family and friends.
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    Oh cool! I like her.
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    https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/engineering/15921-Q-A-Aegis-Eclipse ^^^ Here is a link to the latest Q&A featuring the Eclipse!
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    So as stated in this article: https://www.neowin.net/news/star-citizen-hits-150-million-in-crowd-funding Star Citizen has hit $150 in crowdfunding. Good to see that people are still buying ships!
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    The gold metal hull not only makes it look nice. It also makes it easier to track by scanners, metal under laser fire, more conductive to EMPs, and will rip off if you bump anything even slightly! Buy yours today!
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    I first joined Sanctuary of Wanderhome on August 19th 2007 from a recruitment message Shawkorrr posted in a general area chat a few days earlier. I had been playing World of Warcraft pretty casually, as I was still in High School, but upon graduating I had more time to play and wanted to get serious about raiding and see end game content. Initially I was going to join Sanctuary to get experience in raiding and perhaps some gear, then apply for a higher tier guild and so on till I made it to the #1 guild. That is how I thought you played the game at that time, as when I joined Sanctuary I just came back from a break of not playing WoW due to some rather bad experiences of running with high ranked guilds alternate characters through the first raid available and them openly passing me over for gear I needed to be able to have the stats to join a raiding guild for their 4th set of gear on that character that they wanted to try out. So with that plan I did all the research I could on my class and went into raids with Sanctuary and did quite well. So rather than belittle me they asked how I was able to do so much damage with hardly any "good gear" and in turn they shared their strategies with me. Somethign that is very rare in the gaming community as everyone wants to be the best and not have anyone challenge that. Sanctuary's attitude of free sharing information to make everyone better so as to make the guild better was very inciting to me. So even as I got more and more gear I never got the urge to leave. That combined with the leaders also helping with real life advice ie: jobs, education, financing, made it all the more easier to make the choice to stay. I went with Sanctuary to Star Trek Online when we made the decision to switch games, though the game really was not my style and I started going to welding school I decided not to play the game. Though I did not quit the guild, I still came into vent whenever I could and never felt like an outsider for not playing. When Sanctuary made the move again to rift, a game more to my liking, I once again started playing with them and with the game being so new we quickly became one of the top raiding guilds. Though there was only one raid at the time we were still progressing through it quite nicely. Until ultimately the guild came to an end while in rift which was a sad day for us all, and looking back I wish I had did more to keep it going. But alas these are the things that happen sometimes. After a few years I get a message from Astrus that they are revamping the guild into a not yet launched game Star Citizen. Though I never in my life thought I would play a space simulator, I was eager to play with the guild again so I rushed to the opportunity and built a brand new state of the art computer just to handle the game smoothly and play with Sanctuary of Wanderhome once again!
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    Choose your Destiny! The above video is a brief overlook of our branches and member progression. More info coming soon as Star Citizen game mechanics information become available!
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    Astrus, I think I've done too good on the STO forums lol. ... the STO/WoW haters have arrived! Hehe, we've been in STO for weeks and are loving every single second we play it This game is awesome. Thank you for your comments though, draclepl, you're a nice proof what quality most of WoW players have. Nice try though
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    If you want to voice your opinion so bad then there is no need to hide behind a fake account. Saying that locking the guild bank is stealing only shows that you donated (maybe) to the G bank expecting to get it back in return rather then in the good nature of the guild.
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    I believe you get it at launch like the pre-order stuff.