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    Over the time our Minecraft server as started everyone who has joined as enjoyed it with some minor issues. As a result for everyone's love for the server and investment I have made it my goal to make that the best experience possible for everyone! I will spend anywhere from 8-20 hours a week on major bug conflicts or player issues to make sure everything is running smoothly again. it' gets easier and easier as I have had to re-learn every mod, the patches of Minecraft, and techniclauncher and I will always continue to make this server the smoothest experience possible. As always if you have any bug issues or concerns send me a personal message on forums and DONT BREAK THE SERVER RARHRAWRARHR! Engineer's Log: 5th day of the 8th month. Earth's 2017s cycle around the sun anno Domini. This week I put in the effort to update the server to 1.11.2 patch. Along with minor stability of the mods which are more up date for this patch. This effort includes grabbing new versions of every mod we use. This unfortunate means dropping a mod that is not being updated... but a work around was discovered even if it meant a little more time to invest. With the new sets of Forge and Sponge it was time to run the tests and smooth out any conflictions. Updated mods means updated config files so those were first to be compared. Once the new lines were added and checked we run up the Personal Server and look for any hiccups, of which there were many. After smoothing out the server's understanding of what mods should be loaded we can run our old world and survey any immediate issues or missing blocks. An issue occurred with conflicted mods, and they both were needed for the core experience. Removing either would destroy hours of our members works and I would not tolerate that. So it was time to solve the problem. Going through how the mods run and in which order I researched what would cause the internal exception. Isolating the event I could educate myself on the issue and apply a few solutions. Through a bit of trial and error the server not only started up but was running even smoother than before. Reminder to self to have the server ready to go back up the instant its taken down for maintenance. As I was working on some trial and error to make sure the World transfered back with no issue but the file transfer system was acting slow than normal. During this time some players attempted to connected without knowing what was wrong. In the future I'll make a public engineer's log to inform the masses of changes. Technic launcher was than updated along with the server going live and instantly the players started jumping back on. These events have been slow on progress but rewarding to increase my understanding and technical skill in keeping the server smooth with the current resources. Thank you to everyone who's joins the server and adds their own charm to our pixel community. End Log.
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    "Hosted by Chris Roberts, showcasing some of what we’ve been working on this year, and delivering some never-seen-before gameplay!" Yeeeees !!! What if they reveal a clone race to wookiees??????? https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/16061-Gamescom-2947-Details
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    I uploaded a Video of my 0 Death Pirate Swarm. I would appreciate if anyone could get me some feedback.
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    S.o.W. wishes you all the best with the surgery! Get well fast!
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    Narrated by Forgan Mreeman!
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    I haven't been watching the Bug Smashers at all but this one on the "Flight Controller Failure" caught my eye. I actually had to laugh; the irony that the only 3 ships he tried out were the ones that worked. The things about code is it that it is not enough to just have it work. It needs to be written correctly- so it can easily be modified by the next person or include future sets of commands. Frankly, I'm a bit jealous of Mark Abent though because writing lines of code is my favorite task ever. Also, I think it is super-cool that they let us see what the coding looks like.
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    Love it when he flails with his hands lol
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    Here you will see all the things for 3.0 and when they plan to launch them. Good news is the longer 3.0 is delayed the more ships will come into play!
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    Its funny how they took a overall negative outlook on the project while self-destrucing their own argument with the following: While the article cited kickstarter game failures, it didnt cite a failure that was started by someone who has had so much success in both the film and the gaming industry.
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    There's going to be the haters, doubters, slanderers, and such. I see no reason, for the foreseeable future, why they would be right. The game is making strides. And it's going to take time to make it. As a supporter, we have the honor of finding bugs, and giving feedback on a super complex game. The GTA series of games, as of late, have taken just as much time to be put out, with far less features. Criticism, will get the game recognized, and those that choose to give the game a whirl, will make up their own minds. We can choose to be Lemmings, or we can choose to be Pioneers.
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    Chris Roberts and Sandi Gardiner host this episode, which explores the mobiGlas. Plus, we debut “Burndown,” a segment featuring various bugs and blockers affecting 3.0
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    So first thing. I've had to put off my pursuit of getting that lump on my face removed for the past few months. But it's back on, I have a surgical consult coming up in October, and after that I'm sure the surgery will be close behind it. As far as I know, during the last test, they felt it wasn't malignant (cancerous). But they'll test it again for a definitive in October. So God willing, it'll remain benign. And speaking of God, this may make some of you uneasy. But I've found Jesus. And His love and joy is helping me to make strides in the right direction as far as my career, health, and sanity goes. I'm slowly going through my facebook, twitter, and other social accounts to weed out the negative thinkers, down-right lewd, and otherwise potty-minded folks that pollute my feeds. If you are on my friends list, and you haven't been removed as of the past two weeks, good on you! For the record, no one from SancT was on the cut list. I hold each and everyone of you in the highest regard as friends and the select few, as family. In my career, if you can call it that, I've taken to driving a dump truck 5 days a week. It pays well, and I can get between 35-50 hours a week. So as such, my days are sleep, eat, shower, repeat (for the most part). This is only a stop-gap until I can get my own business off the ground. I have two ideas rattling around in my head. One is to open a tow truck business (let's face it, 15 years of experience is a good thing). The other is a computer repair/building business. Depends on how I want to go with it. I believe it to be God's will that I do the tow truck thing, as he has provided me with ample feedback on that front. My phone hasn't stopped ringing for the past two weeks from folks looking for a tow. And lastly, as of late, the amount of time I actually spend playing games on my computer has been so low. But that's mostly because of being dead tired each day, and being dead busy with other stuff on the weekends. But I haven't forgotten you all, and I miss everyone. I'll stop in from time to time, and maybe even pop into VoIP as well. See y'all out there.
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    Found this video of LTT using a H.O.T.A.S. in Star Citizen and it made me realize that the game has been in development for a LONG time. Actual development has been since Q4 2012, but Kick Starter time was more like 2011 or earlier. Just thought I'd post this here. YouTube video
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    Interesting ground vehicle the Tumbril Cyclone. In around the verse we heard it's suppose to be the middle ground between the rover as a tank and the Nox as a quick and fragile speed machine. While the hoverbikes have their grav lifts and boosters the Cyclone will use common wheels, which means it'll have a smaller IE signature. Here are a few interesting facts to take away from the Q&A and Around the verse. The base Cyclone has wheel equipped to go off road with four wheel drive and four wheel steering. The Anti Air Module will have 2 size2 or 4 size1 missiles. It also comes equipped with Chaff, Flares, Smoke Screen, and size 1 EMP counter measure. The Racing Module will have a 'nitros' boost according to Around the Verse The Recon Module can act as a 'beacon' to let ships fly into hazardous areas such as sand storms. Overall it seams like the cyclone will be a versatile vehicle that can take a few hits in combat. Should be an easy vehicle to farm up in the verse!
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    PC gamer wrote this article after touring the CIG studio in LA and wrote this up about ship insurance and how someone might take advantage of it. We have already known about this but it was good to hear that CIG is aware and working on a way to prevent it. http://www.pcgamer.com/how-star-citizens-ship-insurance-works-and-how-players-will-exploit-it/ Did you read the part about plating on 3.0 alpha!?
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    Found another interesting post on Sandi's Twitter. I really like what they are doing with hair. I do love to have character customization options and this is looking great so far.
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    Sounds like a report a certain Johvar would send to his superiors. Your work is appreciated as always sir. May the force give you strength.
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    Gigantic is fast paced and puts a focus on a "power race" that leads to some interesting strategies and team game play. The different characters offer interesting game play and high skill caps do to the high speeds and stamina resource system. Overall through my look at this game in alpha and and its current stage it is good game.
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    This game was recently released and looks pretty cool. It's also free-to-play on steam. https://www.gogigantic.com/en/ Here's the trailer.
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    Iiiiinteresting.... :)
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    AA on the vehicle?! OMGGGGG
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    My IGN is Sircawkblox
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    Lets get this show on the road !!!
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    The ultra-Wide Screen Monitors provide you with a tactical advantage of being able to see MORE! You can see the ships off to the sides of your windows.
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    -=------------------------------------=- -=------------------------------------=- Dear Sanctians, In september 2006 "SancTuarY of Wanderhome" was created in World of Warcraft after we decided to move SancTuarY (SancT) from our old game, Star Wars Galaxies. This guild has always been about the community and we've made sure we've had a mature, skilled and awesome playerbase. Ever since we came to WoW we've known this game was not made for communities to flourish in. But even so, we managed to make this game our home for years while flourishing and succeeding in everything we decided to do; PvP or PvE. Haters tried to kill this guild for years, and none of them succeeded in doing that. We stood strong through so much hate from people that didn't like that we succeeded in PvP and PvE. We simply brushed it off our shoulders because we know for damn sure that this was the price of success! Haterguild after haterguild fell apart infront of our eyes, which we knew they would do, and watching them failing misserably gave us even more motivation to keep on going! SancTuarY of Wanderhome on Illidan has been a success and we've had so much fun proving people wrong over and over again. It is nothing new (it has been said for years) that we have been trying to find a different MMO to move to; Vanguard, Lord of the Rings Online, Pirates of the Burning Sea, Stargate Worlds, Warhammer, Conan.......none of those MMOs proved to be what we were looking for, and as of today none of those games have really become any better in time, and they are as good as dead at the moment. Now to move a successful guild like SancTuarY of Wanderhome is not taken lightly because there are so many people that has to be moved, but we see where World of Warcraft is heading; 'tis all about the loot, and that is something we find disgusting when we are trying to build a community with future real life friends in it. We've countless times seen long time friends leave because somebody else can give them a piece of loot... and that is just distateful! Some weeks ago we found out Star Trek Online is being released in february 2010. So a few of our members went out to test out this new MMO in closed beta, and report back to the rest of the administration team in a quiet fashion so people wouldnt panic and leave before anything was decided. But after testing out Star Trek Online for some weeks, we have discovered that this is an extremely awesome game, and that is just the beta version of it! One of the most awesome parts of this game is that the overall community there is like a breath of fresh air, no Illidan trade chat ignorance! The servers at STO are growing for each day that goes by, even the developers are overwhelmed by how many people that is playing it. When you have been playing STO for some days and you log into World of Warcrack, yeah, you miss STO instantly and you just want to get the fudge out of World of Warcraft! We accomplished what we came here for, and we've learned so much about gaming and how people think in-game as well as in real life. SancTuary of Wanderhome always did what they all decided to do, and it has been a great fun to play alongside guildies in battleground, raids, arenas and so much more for the years we've been in World of Warcraft ... but it is time to move on to something better; Star Trek Online! We will not be running any raids, instances, battlegrounds, no nothing in World of Warcraft, we are 100pct done with that game.... time for you all to choose; stay with people that have been your friends for a long time and that care about who you are as a person and not what your toon wears, or you can stay in lootinfested World of Warcraft and play with loothungry kids. If you are a member of SancTuarY of Wanderhome and you would like to come with us to Star Trek Online, you are more than welcome to join us over there. We are still in vent and will help you through it all if you wish. SancTuarY of Wanderhome will be the best of the best in the game for sure, and we already have a huge amount of skilled and dedicated players playing with us; even people from WoW! This will be our new home where we will flourish and keep on growing as a community! If you are a member of SancTuarY of Wanderhome and want to keep on playing World of Warcraft we will respect if you wish to leave the guild in World of Warcraft, and you may return to us in Star Trek Online at a later time. /salute -=------------------------------------=- -=------------------------------------=- Shawkorrr Guild Master SancTuarY of Wanderhome
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    I find it amusing that after 6 years or so of proper MMO'ing i finally come across a few people who think along the same lines as myself :P. For a large period of my COH time i helped run the 3rd ranked supergroup on the EU Defiant server. We had a lot of the same problems, the leader wasn't very smart and just wanted numbers and people to fill up task force teams (raids kinda). A lot of these children were loot whores and probably didn't even know what a comic book actually was. I started to think that everyone was an *butthole* until proven otherwise, but i didn't like having to think that way, it just became my nature. It even went so far as me becoming the appointed "Crucible Captain" or the king of kick as it became....because i was the only person who was willing to punish or remove people if they did cause problem within the group (griefers/spammers/thieves). One of the good points about STO i find is they have tried their hardest to make it a non-loot-based game. End game content is meant to be more based towards becoming more challenging and requiring proper tactics. Yes there is still "epic loots" to be had, and there will always be people trying to horde them all for themselves to sell on the exchange, in honesty when i was on the forums i didn't know who was in the wrong tbh, the mine farming escorts or the people crying over how they wrnt getting the best loot and screaming for these exploiters to be banned. Anyway thats just my 2 cents >_> kinda rambled on a bit lol