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  2. Oooo sweeet, ty for sharing!
  3. Here is the latest known map of the SC universe. A little something to get an idea of how big this game will be!
  4. I loved the dynamic advertising portion of the ATV to be honest, the things that can be done with that creatively? oh yeah
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  6. I do believe so yes. Unsure
  7. Happy Birthday Chris Roberts! Woohoo !!!
  8. I was disappointed to hear it sounds like they are intent on keeping with the 1-sun idea. I just think that makes the universe seem smaller even if it is huge.
  9. Interesting. Which moon did they mean?Yelin?
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  11. Earlier this week, CIG asked on Twitter what adventures we hope to find on the dark side of the moon.
  12. There will be a bunch of .... preaching going on I believe LAWL
  13. Bah dangit LOL
  14. Last week
  15. Back in ye old western times there was a revolver designed for judges. It was specially modified to fire shotgun rounds so no matter how bad their aim was they wouldn't miss. We're about to get more shotgun (scatter gun) weapons in 3.0 Star Citizen. If you can get in close you can take the shot :) Check out one of Preacher Armaments' weapons. I look forward to testing out all these new pew delivering devices when they come out!
  16. That's not my shotgun. If a human can carry it then its not big enough for what I plan to destroy ;)
  17. Sean Tracy and Josh Herman host this week’s Around the Verse, which features an update from our German office and a Ship Shape segment focused on the Aegis Eclipse.
  18. They be fixing your shotgun bugs! "pew pew"
  19. Last week's ATV talked a lot about lighting. One thing that was said was that there was only going to be "one sun" and not multiple suns like they had planned before. Frankly I thought that was odd and I wasn't the only one. I liked the previous concept with universes all over and multiple suns and planets. There is a current discussion going on at Spectrum in the Ask the Devs section as to what that comment actually meant. As of this posting, Devs had not responded and cleared it up though. Maybe he meant just one sun model? Given the detail they are putting into the game elsewhere, though, that seems unusual. Multiple suns would rock so I am hoping that is what we end up with.
  20. Oh cool! I like her.
  21. ^^^ Here is a link to the latest Q&A featuring the Eclipse!
  22. Happy Birthday Sandi Gardiner !!! Sanctuary wishes you a wonderful day with family and friends.
  23. The gold metal hull not only makes it look nice. It also makes it easier to track by scanners, metal under laser fire, more conductive to EMPs, and will rip off if you bump anything even slightly! Buy yours today!
  24. Not sure if you guys have heard of this game before, but it is truly an amazing game from what I have heard (and seen). I would like to recommend you pick this up on the next sale if you have not yet purchased it
  25. LETS DO THIS!!!!!!!
  26. Ty sir, much appreciated!
  27. Bwhaha, yes indeed! Seems like my brother will be getting new graphics card very soon
  28. An updated ships scale sheet has been floating around, some of the small ships don't look very accuracy but its a good way to get scale on the larger picture.
  29. So as stated in this article: Star Citizen has hit $150 in crowdfunding. Good to see that people are still buying ships!
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