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  2. Please put your suggestions for adding/deleting/substituting/adjusting Mod packs here in this thread. Administration will review your request and determine if it supports our current goals for the game.
  3. If your Minecraft won't launch (gets stuck at like "bla bla bla model") here is something that has worked for some members: 1) Update your graphic drivers. 2) Make sure to uninstall your current Java version, using "JavaUninstallTool.exe" and find and install "jre-8u131-windows-x64.exe" (x64 version of Java offline). 3) Restart your computer just to be sure.
  4. This had me rofling....
  5. Lets get this show on the road !!!
  6. To be honest though, that first video reminds me so much of my childhood graphics that I kinda prefer that lol. Well, not really, but you know lololol
  7. Here's the link to a pack that I used to admin, called Painfully Simple. It had just enough stuff to make it functional, with a balance of tech, magic, and survival. MC Version: DL:!AiqcDzOXZqnqqUbB_UfYZbLdZXuW Place In folder: C:\Users\<user_name>\AppData\Roaming\.technic\modpacks List of mods: Better Loading Screen Pistronics 2 AgriCraft AppleCore Applied Energistics 2 AsieLib BetterFPS BiblioCraft BiblioWoods Carpenter's Blocks CodeChickenCore Computronics EnderIO EnderZoo Extra Biomes XL IguanaTinkerTweaks (adds xp to tinker tools) Immersive Engineering Inventory Tweaks Jabba (Just Another Better Barrel) Journey Map Mantle mcDiscord (allows integration with Discord chat) neiaddons NotEnoughItems OpenComputers OptiFine Pam's HarvestCraft Railcraft RealWorldGeneration (makes realistic terrain generation) Steves Carts Steves Addons Steves Factory Manager Tinker's Construct Thaumcraft Waila Wawla To make a server, simple upload as is and add yer server files. Can be played single player. Have fun!
  8. The sunset and later at 25:25 .... SWEET !!! A really impressive ATV! Was that Neil Degrasse Tyson VO??
  9. Ive heard it is quite fun :) However I dont use VR so I wouldnt be able to play it hehe. Yeah STO can go eff themselves lol
  10. Finally figured out how a "little person" wookiee would look like
  11. It is going to be as straight forward as possible "Every ship that has been sold has insurance - it is not the final version of how insurance will work". Ya'll better not be broke in this game or else you will have to wait for HOURS to get it
  12. A suggestion for the modpack: Thermal Expansion (suite of mods): Allows for easier automation of smelting, crafting, and such. Thermal Expansion, and other mods. &nbsp;Might need the core mod as well Applied Energistics: Allows greater storage as well as auto-crafting of complex items. Applied Energistics These items won't hurt the game play, as they are very resource intensive. One last thing: Wawla (What are we looking at). It basically allows you to point your cursor at an item and see what it is. What are we looking at
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  14. MC IGN: zhivotnoya Let me in! *Knocks on door*
  15. Found this by accident. It's a Star Trek Multiplayer where you can only play if you have the VR gear. Looks like it's for the Wii, or something similar. I thought it was interesting enough to post, though to be honest, I'm burned out on Star Trek MMO's after the last one got me to pay $300 for a lifetime subscription, then went free to play a few months later...
  16. I prefer Monet but hey Star Wars :)
  17. oooh you went to all the cool things!!!!
  18. Toon: AncientBuilder (General Blue or Dogen Zenji in Team Fortress 2). RL name: David. Country: Norway. Age: Body - 37 years old. Mind - 63 years old. Occupation: Duty editor in a newspaper. Married: No. Kids: No. Dog substitute. Favourite class: In minecraft I tend to gravitate towards constructing aesthetically pleasing buildings and infrastructure. In TF2 i now main as spy. The last eight years I've also mained as engineer, medic, soldier and heavy. Hobbies: Besides gaming I sing A LOT. I am a classical tenor, and I am also the vocalist in a jazz big band and a folkrock/blues band. Favourite food: Do I really have to pick one? Naw, but I have my favourites: Sushi and other japanese food, italian food and traditional norwegian food. Favourite drink: Water, and Valpolicella red wines. Preferably Amarone.
  19. I think that their work on the cargo, and that interface for buying and selling looked very neat. Also the landing system looks to be given a upgrade, I dont think as it is now its too difficult more of a factor that they dont fly away Its really neat how far they are taking crash sites. Going deep into detail. Looking good, but cant wait for 3.0!! Plus nice little hint there at the end. I guess we will have to go look
  20. Haha sorry missed the post Here is a Couple: Me at Vatican City: On a Gondola In Venice: Stonehenge: The Palazzo Vecchio In Florence:
  21. Sanctuary of Wanderhome Executive SUMMIT 2017 7/18/2017 - 7/21/2017 We will be having our first annual Executive (Leadership) Summit on the above dates. This summit will be for our leadership to meet face to face and build team work and camaraderie amongst each other. Your Executives will be spending almost 14 hours together each day, having fun, and visiting venues that will enhance their ability to overcome organizational challenges, embrace and create change, as well as drive organization performance. Because when the leadership works well together they are more than likely to serve your community exceptionally. Most importantly we will be scouting areas in the Greater Seattle Area for a future S.O.W SUMMIT where all members will be invited and encouraged to come and have fun with your fellow Wanderhomies. We will be posting pics and videos of the event so stay tuned! Note: During this SUMMIT we will not be having Star Citizen training or any events during this time.
  22. So there was an art fair in my town last week that is actually supposed to be fairly popular. I usually dont buy things, but there was this one guy that combined street art with some other things, and create a sort of collage. Needless to say I had to buy it. What do you guys think?
  23. Derelict ships are the star of this week’s episode. Learn all about how we’re designing a diverse set of shipwrecks. Sandi Gardiner and Chris Smith host the show, while Eric Kieron Davis provides an update from the LA studio.
  24. Very true
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