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  2. Yes this guy is one of my faves now.
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  4. No, not sure @Kakon
  5. SURPRISED?!?!!?
  6. Watch Mark Abent deal with a bug that broke most ships. See how adding a few lines of code to the flight controller can make all the difference.
  7. Any idea why it messed up in the first place?
  8. Last week
  9. Problem solved itself...
  10. Love it when he flails with his hands lol
  11. ....closest thing to Norway so far
  12. ...because of the solar eclipse on August 21st; visible in the US. Time will tell KEK!
  13. I haven't been watching the Bug Smashers at all but this one on the "Flight Controller Failure" caught my eye. I actually had to laugh; the irony that the only 3 ships he tried out were the ones that worked. The things about code is it that it is not enough to just have it work. It needs to be written correctly- so it can easily be modified by the next person or include future sets of commands. Frankly, I'm a bit jealous of Mark Abent though because writing lines of code is my favorite task ever. Also, I think it is super-cool that they let us see what the coding looks like.
  14. Exactly. I don't get the hate they put into this article. Maybe they lost one too many dogfights? Ok fine if you don't like kickstarters then don't participate in them. Let the rest of us have some fun with our money. Life is too short not to have fun.
  15. SoW's minecraft server will be down for updates from 3:30pm eastern to 4:30pm eastern.
  16. I could barely read that. Luckily i saw the "full size" button in the top left after i clicked the pic
  17. Its funny how they took a overall negative outlook on the project while self-destrucing their own argument with the following: While the article cited kickstarter game failures, it didnt cite a failure that was started by someone who has had so much success in both the film and the gaming industry.
  18. There's going to be the haters, doubters, slanderers, and such. I see no reason, for the foreseeable future, why they would be right. The game is making strides. And it's going to take time to make it. As a supporter, we have the honor of finding bugs, and giving feedback on a super complex game. The GTA series of games, as of late, have taken just as much time to be put out, with far less features. Criticism, will get the game recognized, and those that choose to give the game a whirl, will make up their own minds. We can choose to be Lemmings, or we can choose to be Pioneers.
  19. "Hosted by Chris Roberts, showcasing some of what we’ve been working on this year, and delivering some never-seen-before gameplay!" Yeeeees !!! What if they reveal a clone race to wookiees???????
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  21. Here you will see all the things for 3.0 and when they plan to launch them. Good news is the longer 3.0 is delayed the more ships will come into play!
  22. GARTZ!
  24. Chris Roberts and Sandi Gardiner host this episode, which explores the mobiGlas. Plus, we debut “Burndown,” a segment featuring various bugs and blockers affecting 3.0
  25. I had to weed out some of my Facebook "friends" also for similar reasons. I'm glad to hear that things are looking up for you!!
  26. The New York Times has posted an article on our beloved Star Citizen. It is unfortunate that the angle they were going for is a bit hateration but even bad press gets people curious. I love this game so far and I think it is just going to be a true work of art when it comes out.
  27. yay great job!!!!
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